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2019/11/29 Malta government rejects immunity bid by businessman over murder probe
2019/11/29 After Trump’s Kabul visit, Taliban says ready to resume peace talks
2019/11/29 Three men jailed for Australia Christmas terror plot
2019/11/29 Global climate protests kick off in smoke-covered Sydney
2019/11/29 Singapore tells Facebook to correct user’s post under new ‘fake news’ law
2019/11/29 Former Japanese prime minister Yasuhiro Nakasone dies at 101
2019/11/29 Hong Kong gears up for weekend protests after rare lull in violence
2019/11/29 Sudan adopts law to dissolve Bashir party, ‘dismantle’ regime
2019/11/29 Revised data shows deforestation in Brazil Amazon at decade high
2019/11/29 Backlash in Mexico at Trump plan to list cartels as ‘terror’ groups
2019/11/29 Germany to tighten law on anti-Semitic crimes
2019/11/29 Trump visits troops in Afghanistan, says Taliban talks back on
2019/11/29 Vancouver approves ban on plastic straws, bags from next year
2019/11/29 UK police chief found not guilty over 1989 Hillsborough stadium crush
2019/11/29 Report: N. Korea’s Kim expressed ‘great satisfaction’ over rocket test
2019/11/28 UK police defend decision not to launch Epstein probe
2019/11/28 European parliament declares ‘climate emergency’
2019/11/28 Zimbabwe facing ‘man-made’ starvation, UN expert warns
2019/11/28 Ukraine slams Apple for calling Crimea part of Russia
2019/11/28 Italy uncovers plot to create new Nazi party
2019/11/28 China warns US over Hong Kong law as thousands stage ‘Thanksgiving’ rally
2019/11/28 Prosecutors: Father in Dutch farm family case charged with sexual abuse
2019/11/28 Israel demolishes homes of alleged Palestinian killers, say army
2019/11/28 Maldives ex-president sentenced to five years in prison for money laundering
2019/11/28 Vietnamese families bury first victims of UK truck tragedy
2019/11/28 Japan store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry
2019/11/28 Albania earthquake death toll hits 40, says defence ministry
2019/11/28 China defends Xinjiang crackdown after criticism from European leaders
2019/11/28 North Korea fires two ‘unidentified projectiles’, says Seoul
2019/11/28 Blogger tests Singapore’s fake news law by rebuffing correction order
2019/11/28 Australia makes rare arrest in international ‘sextortion’ case
2019/11/28 Turkish police detain five over killing of Iranian in Istanbul
2019/11/28 Iraqi forces kill 16 protesters after Iranian consulate torched
2019/11/28 Pakistan’s top court strikes down three-year extension for army chief
2019/11/28 Vietnam jails third activist this month in crackdown on Facebook posts
2019/11/28 Vietnam families to bury victims of UK truck tragedy
2019/11/28 Iran demands Iraqi action against ‘aggressors’ over consulate attack
2019/11/28 China holds out carrot ahead of Taiwan election, but few convinced
2019/11/28 China summons US envoy, urges US to refrain from applying Hong Kong bill
2019/11/28 Indonesia aims to replace some top civil service jobs with AI in 2020
2019/11/28 Trump signs Hong Kong bills; Beijing vows retaliation: Now what?
2019/11/28 Forty years on, New Zealand apologises for Antarctic plane disaster
2019/11/28 New retrial ordered for South Korea ex-leader Park
2019/11/28 Iraqi protesters torch Iran consulate amid deadly protests
2019/11/28 Macron, Nato chief hold talks in ‘brain death’ row
2019/11/28 Residents flee fourth major Texas petrochemical fire this year
2019/11/28 South Korea, Japan set to back air traffic deal after near misses
2019/11/28 Hong Kong police enter ransacked campus after protest siege
2019/11/28 China warns of ‘firm counter measures’ after Trump signs US legislation on HK
2019/11/28 UK PM Johnson on course to win majority of 68, YouGov projection shows