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2019/10/14 As options narrow on Syria, Trump prepares to drop sanctions hammer on Turkey
2019/10/14 Populists top Poland vote, expand majority on welfare, family values ticket
2019/10/14 Kurds announce deal with Damascus as Turkey pushes deep into Syria
2019/10/14 PM Johnson to set out post-Brexit law and order drive in Queen's Speech
2019/10/14 Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work, wades into impeachment fight
2019/10/13 Turkish army, Syrian allies enter Tel Abyad, situation calm, says Reuters witness
2019/10/13 Nepal pushes to end dependency on India with China rail, tunnel deals
2019/10/13 Britain’s Johnson pushes for last-ditch Brexit deal
2019/10/13 Hong Kong police make arrests as flashmob protests and clashes erupt
2019/10/13 Pope elevates British convert Newman to sainthood
2019/10/13 Entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s quixotic US presidential campaign gets serious
2019/10/13 SDF: Not enough guards at Syria camp holding Islamic State families
2019/10/13 Japan sends in troops after massive typhoon hammers Tokyo, kills 23
2019/10/13 Ecuador protest talks set for today as capital locks down
2019/10/13 Rakhine rebels abduct dozens after storming Myanmar bus, says army
2019/10/13 Populists eye victory in deeply divided Poland
2019/10/13 Pakistan PM heads to Iran as tensions rise in Gulf
2019/10/13 Ecuador president orders curfew, military control in Quito
2019/10/13 S. Korean PM set for highest-level visit to Japan next week since export curbs, reports Yonhap
2019/10/13 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists hoist 'Lady Liberty' statue above city to rally protests
2019/10/13 Germany's far-right AfD loses support after synagogue shooting, says report
2019/10/13 Belgian police arrest up to 300 Extinction Rebellion protesters
2019/10/13 Canada's Trudeau dons bulletproof vest for campaign event, CBC cites threat
2019/10/13 One dead, multiple injuries in New Orleans hotel collapse
2019/10/13 In campaign stop with evangelical Christians, Trump defends his actions on Syria
2019/10/13 Pakistan's Khan blasts media 'double standard' over Hong Kong protests
2019/10/13 Tears, grief mark 17th anniversary of Indonesia's Bali bombings
2019/10/13 Firefighters battle southern California blazes
2019/10/13 UK remains a long way from Brexit deal, says Downing Street source
2019/10/13 Scandal over justice minister galvanises South Koreans to protest
2019/10/13 SDF says Turkey-backed rebels killed Kurdish politician, rebels deny it
2019/10/13 14 dead, rescue underway after Typhoon Hagibis slams Japan
2019/10/13 Thai opposition accuses army chief of meddling in politics, instigating hatred
2019/10/13 HK leader ditches meeting Ted Cruz, says the US senator
2019/10/12 Kurdish-led SDF says Turkish invasion has revived IS, urges no-fly zone
2019/10/12 Four dead in New York shooting
2019/10/12 Southern California wildfires burning unchecked
2019/10/12 Rebel faction takes frontline role in Turkey offensive
2019/10/12 France checking identity of murder suspect held in Scotland
2019/10/12 Turkish-backed Syrian rebels seize centre of Syrian border town, says senior Turkish official
2019/10/12 Catalan separatist leaders to get up to 15 years in jail, says judicial source
2019/10/12 Turkey denies targeting US troops in Syria
2019/10/12 Petrol bombs thrown in Hong Kong metro, no one injured, says govt
2019/10/12 Pakistan supports Turkey’s Syria offensive
2019/10/12 China's Xi and India's Modi discuss proposals to improve ties hit by Kashmir
2019/10/12 Pompeo: Orwell's '1984' coming to life in China's Xinjiang region
2019/10/12 US company supplying tear gas to Hong Kong police faces mounting criticism
2019/10/12 Silver-haired sit-in, face mask party protests planned for Hong Kong
2019/10/12 UK PM Johnson will ask MPs to back any Brexit deal secured from EU, says report
2019/10/12 France's Macron urges need to end Turkish assault in Syria in Trump phone call