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2019/07/31 Brazil’s Bolsonaro snubs French foreign minister for haircut
2019/07/31 Reagan made racist remarks in taped conversation with Nixon
2019/07/31 Indonesia’s Aceh whips two men, woman for breaking sharia law
2019/07/31 Russian doctors say no poison detected in jailed Kremlin critic
2019/07/31 Mozambique government, opposition to sign formal peace treaty, says president
2019/07/31 Angry Sudanese queue for bread in city where pupils shot dead
2019/07/31 Second death from Ebola in DR Congo city of Goma
2019/07/31 12 killed as flooding paralyses Pakistan’s Karachi
2019/07/31 Bulgaria’s anti-corruption chief resigns over apartment scandal
2019/07/31 China warns outsiders not to ‘sow distrust’ in South China Sea
2019/07/31 EU countries to share out 131 migrants blocked by Italy
2019/07/31 The backstop holding up the Brexit deal
2019/07/31 Germany’s Scholz ‘very sceptical’ about US mission for Strait of Hormuz
2019/07/31 Back-to-back hurricanes churn towards Hawaii
2019/07/31 Pakistan evacuates Chinese nationals as firing in Kashmir kills three
2019/07/31 Top diplomats from S. Korea, Japan to hold talks, says Seoul
2019/07/31 Maduro honors Americans evicted from Venezuelan embassy in US
2019/07/31 Afghanistan highway blast kills at least 34 on bus, injures 17
2019/07/31 China to halt individual Taiwan tourism permits for 47 mainland cities
2019/07/31 Hong Kong braces for Typhoon Wipha; schools, financial markets shut early
2019/07/31 Chinese authorities order eateries in Beijing to remove Arabic, Muslim symbols
2019/07/31 Hong Kong protesters appear in court to face ‘riot’ charge
2019/07/31 Outraged Hong Kong's civil servants voice rare dissent
2019/07/31 Police believe gunman in deadly California festival rampage acted alone
2019/07/31 Cops: Indian coffee tycoon Siddhartha's body found
2019/07/31 Singapore Military Court to charge two SAF servicemen over Aloysius Pang’s death
2019/07/31 Pompeo hopes to help patch up Japan-South Korea ties
2019/07/31 'Disgruntled' Walmart employee shoots dead two co-workers, injures cop
2019/07/31 New Ebola case diagnosed in DR Congo's Goma, says health official
2019/07/31 Macron, Rouhani hold talks over Iran-US tensions
2019/07/31 Defending intelligence pick, Trump says US spy agencies 'run amok'
2019/07/31 New UK PM Boris Johnson heads to N.Ireland, heart of Brexit battle
2019/07/31 Brazil's Bolsonaro makes waves with dictatorship remarks
2019/07/31 Inmates behind Brazil deadly prison riot transferred, says official
2019/07/31 Rap video criticising ‘brownface’ ad crossed the line by attacking Singaporean Chinese, says minister
2019/07/31 New protest erupts as Hong Kong charges 44 activists with rioting
2019/07/31 South Korean military: North Korea fired multiple unidentified projectiles
2019/07/31 Couples in Singapore getting married later, but fewer getting divorced, statistics show
2019/07/30 Trump nominee for Pentagon post denies sexual assault accusations
2019/07/30 India’s parliament votes to outlaw Muslim instant divorce
2019/07/30 Putin ally warns opposition protesters: We won’t allow anarchy
2019/07/30 Dubai ruler’s wife seeks ‘forced marriage protection order’ in English court
2019/07/30 Trump says he is ‘least racist’ person anywhere
2019/07/30 Two shot dead in Mississippi Walmart, says media
2019/07/30 Singapore police investigating rap video for ‘offensive’ content
2019/07/30 Hong Kong to charge 44 protesters with rioting: police source
2019/07/30 Israel jails Palestinian lawyer over shootings
2019/07/30 Myanmar NGO worker shot in restive Rakhine state
2019/07/30 Company fined US$254,000 for shipping plastic waste to Cambodia
2019/07/30 ‘India Ashamed’: Outrage grows over ruling party lawmaker accused of rape