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2019/05/20 China’s defence minister to speak at key Asia defence forum in Singapore
2019/05/20 Russian reporters resign en masse in row over Putin ally report
2019/05/20 Ukraine prime minister to step down tomorrow
2019/05/20 UK election watchdog to launch review of Brexit Party finances
2019/05/20 All shook up: Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage doused with milkshake on campaign
2019/05/20 US Supreme Court takes no action in Indiana abortion cases
2019/05/20 China trip and son’s wedding: Sri Lanka leader denounced after Easter bombings
2019/05/20 Yemen’s Houthis deny targeting Mecca with ballistic missiles
2019/05/20 Britain tells Iran: Do not provoke the United States or Trump will retaliate
2019/05/20 India’s Hindu groups to double down on demands as Modi set for big win
2019/05/20 Britain prepares for new spying law after Salisbury poisoning
2019/05/20 Spain’s Catalan separatists let out of jail for induction as MPs
2019/05/20 Zuma’s lawyers push for S.Africa graft trial to be dropped
2019/05/20 Cambodia marks genocide atrocities with Day of Remembrance
2019/05/20 Swedish prosecutor issues formal request to hold Assange on rape suspicion
2019/05/20 Thousands protest strict Alabama abortion law
2019/05/20 French doctors begin halting life support for man in vegetative state
2019/05/20 Indonesian court sentences French drug smuggler to death
2019/05/20 Ukraine’s new president Zelensky announces dissolution of parliament
2019/05/20 Swedish prosecutor files request to detain Assange over rape allegation
2019/05/20 Indonesia steps up security ahead of presidential election result
2019/05/20 For many Democrats desperate to beat Trump, Biden's their man
2019/05/20 Islamic State militants riot in Tajik prison, 32 killed
2019/05/20 Armed group kills 11 in a bar in northern Brazil
2019/05/20 Huawei CFO house arrest contrasts with Canadians detained in China
2019/05/20 Billionaire tells grads at US black college: I'll pay your debt
2019/05/20 US warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions
2019/05/20 Ukraine to inaugurate comedian Zelensky as president
2019/05/20 Italian police seize migrant boat, risking stand-off with deputy PM
2019/05/20 US ambassador makes rare visit to Tibet
2019/05/20 Sudanese military and opposition resume talks after street violence
2019/05/20 US intellectual property complaints a 'political tool,' says China state media
2019/05/20 Trump attacks Fox News in latest sign of strain
2019/05/20 Rebels say Syrian army fails to retake Latakia mountain
2019/05/20 Snarling orange 'Trump baby' blimp to mock US president in Britain, protesters say
2019/05/20 Rocket fired into Iraqi capital's 'Green Zone,' no casualties
2019/05/20 Australia's conservative coalition secures parliamentary majority
2019/05/20 Bank staff flagged Trump, Kushner transactions for watchdog, reports NYT
2019/05/20 White House 2020 hopefuls turn to foreign policy, slam Trump on Iran
2019/05/20 India's Modi set to return to power with a bigger majority, exit polls show
2019/05/20 Trump: If Tehran attacks, it will be 'official end of Iran'
2019/05/20 Trump blasts Republican lawmaker Amash over impeachment remarks
2019/05/19 Thousands expected to protest Alabama abortion law
2019/05/19 French fighter jets make emergency landing in Indonesia
2019/05/19 Blast injures South African tourists near Egypt’s Giza pyramids
2019/05/19 Trump says ‘Pro-Life’ but favours exceptions for rape, incest
2019/05/19 Austrian president calls for September snap elections
2019/05/19 India’s acrimonious election comes to an end
2019/05/19 Sudan protesters want civilian as head of new ruling body
2019/05/19 French coast guard stops nine migrants heading to UK in small boat