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2019/05/31 Czech PM slams conflict of interest report as untrue
2019/05/31 Brazil withdraws diplomatic invite to Venezuelan opposition envoy
2019/05/31 Beijing warns US not to underestimate Chinese military
2019/05/31 Trump urges Mexico to ‘finally do what must be done’ on immigration
2019/05/31 North Korea ‘executed’ officials after failed Trump summit, says report
2019/05/31 200,000 pray at Jerusalem mosque after stabbing attack
2019/05/31 China, US defence chiefs hold talks at Asia security summit
2019/05/31 Pope praises ‘sacrifices’ of Romanians seeking fortune abroad
2019/05/31 Missouri’s only abortion clinic faces closure at midnight
2019/05/31 George Clooney clout seen unlikely to change LGBT+ laws in Aceh
2019/05/31 Hungary, S. Korea seek thorough probe into fatal Budapest boat accident
2019/05/31 Dutchman held by IS-linked rebels killed in Philippines, says army
2019/05/31 Modi names Sitharaman as India’s finance minister, BJP head Shah takes home affairs
2019/05/31 Iranians march to back Palestinians, reject Trump Mideast plan
2019/05/31 Pope Francis to 'go beyond fear' in Romania
2019/05/31 Four Afghans killed, four US troops wounded in Kabul suicide blast
2019/05/31 Colombia frees former FARC leader sought by US
2019/05/31 Philippines ships tonnes of garbage back to Canada
2019/05/31 Thousands protest in Brazil over education cuts
2019/05/31 Thou shalt not march: S. Korean conservatives denounce Pride
2019/05/31 Singapore police warn of e-commerce scams involving hotel room bookings, attraction tickets
2019/05/31 Court frees Navy SEAL charged with war crimes from base confinement in San Diego
2019/05/31 Report: N.Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed US summit
2019/05/31 Trump: Record group of 1,036 migrants caught at Mexico border
2019/05/31 Pence urges Canada to do more to engage Cuba over Venezuelan crisis
2019/05/31 UN says to stay away from Mideast conference in Bahrain
2019/05/31 Extinction Rebellion activists consider using drones to shut London's Heathrow Airport
2019/05/31 Singapore doctor linked to HIV data leak accused of injecting others with illegal drugs for extra cash
2019/05/31 Report: Sudan's military rulers say protest site threatens stability
2019/05/31 Seven South Korean tourists dead, hope dims for missing in Budapest boat disaster
2019/05/31 Pentagon calls Turkey plan to buy Russian missiles 'devastating'
2019/05/31 Pompeo says Iran attacked oil tankers to raise global oil price
2019/05/31 Chinese defence minister calls on Singapore PM Lee, visits naval base
2019/05/31 US Secretary of State Pompeo start Europe tour in Germany amid shaky ties
2019/05/31 US judge rejects Trump administration move to start wall construction on Mexican border
2019/05/31 Merkel: World must do all 'humanly possible' on climate change
2019/05/30 No-deal Brexit warnings multiply as Trump praises PM candidate Boris Johnson
2019/05/30 US court weighs fate of sole abortion provider in Missouri
2019/05/30 India’s Modi sworn in ahead of unveiling new government
2019/05/30 Hunt for missing after South Koreans die in Budapest boat tragedy
2019/05/30 Austria gets first female chancellor as interim premier
2019/05/30 Nigerian president skips inauguration dinner
2019/05/30 In Romania’s Transylvania, Pope Francis set for Hungarian welcome
2019/05/30 UK, Canada express concern over proposed Hong Kong extradition changes
2019/05/30 Trump will make ‘dramatic’ statement about border this week
2019/05/30 China says US ‘playing with fire’ over Taiwan
2019/05/30 Man who set himself on fire near White House has died, say officials
2019/05/30 Strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocks El Salvador, says USGS
2019/05/30 Britain says more than 750,000 EU nationals have applied to stay in UK after Brexit
2019/05/30 Bangladesh madrasas told to appoint women mentors after murder