Canada: Four killed in 'targeted' shootings

MONTREAL, April 16 — Four people were shot dead yesterday in three areas of the western Canadian town of Penticton, federal police said, describing the shootings as a “targeted incident.”

“We have determined four people are deceased at three locations within a four kilometre radius,” Superintendent Ted De Jager said in a press conference.

A 60-year-old man handed himself in and was detained after police were called over the first two killings late yesterday morning, De Jager said.

Investigators then discovered the bodies of two more victims during a search of the suburbs of the city, population around 30,000.

A motive had not been established by last night, but the victims and the suspect all knew each other, local media reported.

“We have been able to determine that this was a targeted incident,” De Jager said. — AFP

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