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2019/04/30 Cliffhanger as German pensioner crashes car into mall
2019/04/30 Venezuela’s Guaido calls on troops to join him in uprising against Maduro
2019/04/30 US House panel seeks Justice Dept probe of Trump backer Prince
2019/04/30 Vodafone found security flaws in Huawei equipment in 2011, 2012
2019/04/30 Iraq says IS remains threat, leader Baghdadi filmed video in ‘remote area’
2019/04/30 Game on for EU vote, but real fight comes after
2019/04/30 Brazil backs Venezuela opposition leader Guaido’s push to overthrow Maduro, says minister
2019/04/30 Men arrested after women’s bodies found in a freezer in east London
2019/04/30 UK police probe hundreds of premature hospital deaths
2019/04/30 US working to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, says White House
2019/04/30 Russian court jails man who attacked tsar painting
2019/04/30 Bangladesh opposition ends parliament boycott
2019/04/30 Teenage suspect due in court over California synagogue shooting
2019/04/30 Japan’s emperor performs main abdication ceremony
2019/04/30 Sri Lanka to resume Mass on Sunday, says cardinal
2019/04/30 Cambridge University investigates its links to slavery
2019/04/30 Are you British? India govt asks Modi's main election rival, Gandhi, to respond
2019/04/30 China's Xi appeals to youth patriotism on centenary of student protests
2019/04/30 Japanese thank departing emperor whose era marked shift from 1980s boom
2019/04/30 China sentences Canadian to death for drug offences
2019/04/30 Sri Lanka maintains high alert for attacks ahead of Ramadan
2019/04/30 Australian police detain man, neutralise explosive materials
2019/04/30 New Zealand police arrest man in Christchurch after reports of bomb threat
2019/04/30 Hard-right Aussie politician resigns over strip club lechery
2019/04/30 Moderate Catalan separatists boosted in Spain election
2019/04/30 38 killed as floods worsen in Mozambique after second cyclone
2019/04/30 NYT must be accountable for anti-Semitic cartoon, says Israel's UN envoy
2019/04/30 Wayne LaPierre re-elected NRA chief, survives power struggle
2019/04/30 US Army veteran charged with plotting to bomb white nationalist rally
2019/04/30 UN chief tells China to uphold rights in Xinjiang
2019/04/30 World nearing 'pivotal moment' in battle against hatred, says UN chief
2019/04/30 Suspect in Taiwan Valentine's murder jailed in Hong Kong
2019/04/30 At first 2020 event, Biden sets up battle with Trump over union vote
2019/04/30 Islamic State airs video purporting to be leader al-Baghdadi
2019/04/30 Trump has made more 10,000 'false or misleading' claims in office, Post says
2019/04/30 Fire breaks out on Britain-Spain ferry, passengers disembark in France
2019/04/30 US deputy attorney general who oversaw Mueller probe resigns
2019/04/30 US House panel chairman says Barr must testify Thursday
2019/04/30 Violence mars voting in India's eastern battleground state
2019/04/30 Japan's emperor steps down today in a 200-year first
2019/04/30 Libyan air strikes kill four, wound 37, government reports
2019/04/30 Follower of Sri Lanka bomber sought India attack, say police
2019/04/29 New UK rules over rape victims’ digital data spark criticism
2019/04/29 California synagogue mourns woman who ‘took the bullet’ in weekend shooting
2019/04/29 Wife, daughter of Sri Lanka bombings mastermind will survive blast, says hospital
2019/04/29 Angry protests erupt in Tunisian city demanding development
2019/04/29 Pakistan plans to bring 30,000 madrasas under government control
2019/04/29 Trump foe Michael Avenatti to face fraud charges in California courtroom
2019/04/29 Trump accuses New York state of trying to ‘take down’ NRA
2019/04/29 Thousands of Indian factories under scrutiny over ‘miserable’ conditions