Toddler survives 11-story fall from balcony

MINNEAPOLIS, May 15 — 15-month old boy is in critical condition, but is expected to survive after falling 11 stories from a Minneapolis highrise on Sunday night.

The toddler Musa Dayib was home with his father and sister when he fell from the balcony at the family’s unit at Cedar-Riverside towers. After the father stepped away to get something from another room, the toddler’s 3-year-old sister opened the balcony door and Musa wandered out. Within a minute, his sister ran to the other room to get Musa’s father, saying “Daddy. The baby fell.”

The railings, which stand at 47 inches and are spaced no more than six inches apart, were examined after Sunday’s fall, yet authorities are still unsure of how the toddler slipped through. Musa was fortunate to have landed on a small, mushy patch of ground in front of the building. The baby survived with a concussion, a punctured lung, and fractures to his spine and ribs.

Adults would likely not survive such a fall, but babies can better endure the impact because they’re more flexible, according to Dr Tina Slusher, pediatric intensive care physician at Hennepin County Medical Center. But the doctor still consider it a miracle that the boy survived. — Reuters

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