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2022/01/09 Reactivate the Covid-19 National Task Force — Musa Mohd Nordin
2022/01/07 Beneficial owner of CDS account who allows another person to effect dealings in securities using the CDS account violates the law ― Hafiz Hassan
2022/01/06 Public questions MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board‘s decision to clear chief commissioner of any wrongdoing ― G25 Malaysia
2022/01/06 A ‘whiter than white’ MACC: Not too late for a New Year’s hope ― Hafiz Hassan
2022/01/04 EPF should not be a ‘last resort’ for flood payouts ― Jason Loh and Amanda Yeo
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2022/01/04 Situation serious but not (yet) hopeless! ― Lee Yew Meng
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2022/01/02 Enhancing Malaysia’s disaster and management via innovation-spotlighting on drones — Sheriffah Noor Khamseah