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2021/10/28 Asean must step up ― or fade away into insignificance ― Syed Hamid Albar
2021/10/28 Malaysia needs high speed internet and rail ― Razali Yaakob
2021/10/27 Malaysia: IPCC bill is a step backwards for police accountability — Amnesty International Malaysia, ARTICLE 19, Civicus and HRW
2021/10/23 Conviction stands unless and until it is set aside — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/21 No time for pensions complacency ― Geoffrey Williams
2021/10/21 Transforming Malaysia from third- to first-world country ― Rais Hussin and Margarita Peredaryenko
2021/10/19 What say you, Timah? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/18 No value in waiting to open borders — Jayant Menon
2021/10/18 Youth in Malaysia: The great reset post-Covid-19 —Yohendran Nadar Arulthevan
2021/10/18 Malaysia must seize opportunities in biopharma investment — Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy and Geneva Network
2021/10/17 Oral Hygiene: Your self-management of self-care for wellbeing — Loh Siew Yim and Klarene Ow Kwai Lyn
2021/10/17 Former AG to lead govt task force on Pulau Batu Puteh case looks like a case of conflict of interest — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/15 Smacking down the myth about local professional wrestling industry — Maszlee Malik
2021/10/14 How to reform and fund social assistance ― Geoffrey Williams
2021/10/14 12MP and group-targeted policies: Can we start new conversations? ― Lee Hwok Aun
2021/10/12 ECRL northern alignment, more than meets the eye — Vivian Sheila Danker
2021/10/12 Sovereignty over Pulau Batu Puteh: A legal dispute? — Shaun Kang
2021/10/12 Malaysian mothers despair over home minister’s statement — Family Frontiers
2021/10/12 Interstate travel — are we within the letters of the law? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/11 Special programme for voluntary disclosure 2.0 for the coming 2022 Budget — Harjit Singh Sidhu
2021/10/11 The 12th Malaysia Plan must be more ambitious — Malaysian Health Coalition
2021/10/10 Brain drain or voting with the feet — Rais Hussin and Margarita Peredaryenko
2021/10/10 Mental health in an unequal world, leave no one behind — Yoong Lee Yeen and Moy Foong Ming
2021/10/10 Request or advice — does it matter? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/08 The 12th Malaysia Plan and the Bumiputera Agenda: Three overlooked questions — Lee Hwok Aun
2021/10/08 Making mental health accessible to all children during Covid-19! — Kamal Kenny
2021/10/08 ‘Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata ’ — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/07 Keeping the spotlight on mental health — Lim Yi Wei
2021/10/06 National Cancer Fund imminent as Covid-19 consequences will increase cases — Charles Santiago
2021/10/06 MMA advises all unvaccinated civil servants to get vaccinated as soon as possible for the common good of all — Malaysian Medical Association
2021/10/06 Parliamentary reforms must start with Speaker and Deputy Speakers — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/05 ACCIN calls for the Formation of Hate Speech Commission ― Mohd Jamaludin Shamsudin
2021/10/04 Plea from a mother to other parents: Please get your kids vaccinated! — Deborah Liew
2021/10/03 Old age poverty: Time for social pension reform — Geoffrey Williams
2021/10/03 Law Reform Commission should be on Azalina’s advice list to the prime minister — Hafiz Hassan
2021/10/02 Bumiputera policy and the 12th Malaysia Plan: Discrepancies between the plan and the speech — Lee Hwok Aun
2021/10/01 Law Reform Commission — overlooked but hopefully not forgotten — Hafiz Hassan