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2021/09/23 G25's take on the manhunt for Nur Sajat ― G25
2021/09/21 Citizenship for children of Malaysian mothers married to foreigners ― MK Sen
2021/09/20 Merge and reform private universities post-Covid-19 — Geoffrey Williams
2021/09/19 Addressing discrimination through greater parental involvement in Malaysia schools — Denison Jayasooria
2021/09/18 Towards new integrated CAC for a more seamless public health response — Dr. Chow Sze Loon
2021/09/17 A legal view of the MOU between the government of Malaysia and Pakatan Harapan — Philip TN Koh
2021/09/17 Allow the High Court ruling on children born overseas to take its next legal course — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/16 In defence of the Defence White Paper — Liew Chin Tong
2021/09/16 What does it mean to be Malaysian? ― Na'im Brundage
2021/09/16 The right to call Malaysia my home ― Cellini Basri
2021/09/15 Fly our flag, Malaysian child — Gurdial Singh Nijar
2021/09/15 A Deputy Speaker could have been elected — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/14 Keep calm and get vaccinated — Rais Hussin and Margarita Peredaryenko
2021/09/14 The Recall Election Bill should be called The Party Conformity Bill — Na’im Brundage
2021/09/12 Impartiality and integrity are hallmarks of a good Speaker and you may find this in ordinary persons — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/12 Open letter to the prime minister — Six plaintiffs in the case filed with Family Frontiers and affected Malaysian mothers
2021/09/11 Responding to criticisms of the NEP ― Na'im Brundage
2021/09/11 It should be IS8 ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/11 Motion of confidence in Parliament unnecessary? Not so ― Philip Koh
2021/09/10 Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) programme: A plea to Malaysians — William (BJ) Huffman
2021/09/10 There are constitutional and legislative restrictions on religious freedom in Malaysia ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/09 Recognising Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and protecting Malaysian women and girls — UNFPA
2021/09/09 Mothers are not inferior to fathers — Abraham Au
2021/09/09 Should Joe Biden's declining poll numbers worry Democrats? ― William G. Borges
2021/09/08 Consider forming a new National Pandemic Preparedness Committee or Malaysia’s own CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) — Vinod Balasubramaniam
2021/09/08 Precedents to replace a sitting Speaker — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/07 A more progressive tax system — prerequisite for reintroducing the GST — Rais Hussin and Jason Loh
2021/09/07 A new era in the Malay heartlands — Murray Hunter
2021/09/07 A fine-tuned Parliamentary Service Bill should be ready to be tabled in Parliament — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/07 The truth behind the demand for a motion of confidence — Rosli Dahlan
2021/09/06 Reforms should lead to Parliament becoming a truly powerful and independent institution — G25
2021/09/05 Govt must ensure responsible sale of Covid-19 self-test kits to protect consumers — Malaysian Medical Association
2021/09/05 Motion of confidence in a newly sworn-in prime minister following a change of leadership is legit — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/03 Is it Fahmi’s motion or Rashid’s rejection of the motion that is out of order? — Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/02 Unmasking the motives for the anti-hopping law ― Na’im Brundage
2021/09/01 Lessons learnt for pandemic preparedness in Malaysia ― Chan Chee Khoon
2021/09/01 Ziyad’s glory wrongly snatched away ― Hafiz Hassan
2021/09/01 The Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLFNR): A case of privatising profits and socialising costs? ― C4 Center
2021/09/01 What Pakatan Harapan has to do to win government ― Murray Hunter
2021/09/01 Anti-party hopping law passed by Parliament or that is a Constitutional provision will not be unconstitutional ― Hafiz Hassan