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2020/11/30 Time for MAS and unions to look beyond bailouts — Ameen Kamal
2020/11/30 The case against universal basic income — Jason Loh
2020/11/29 A holistic and compassionate approach to Covid-19 in foreign workers — Musa Mohd Nordin
2020/11/27 Appreciate the sacrifices of our frontliners ― Yeap Ming Liong
2020/11/27 Reflection of bipartisan budget but more should be done — Sofea Azahar
2020/11/26 Empathy is all we need — Suzianah Nhazzla
2020/11/26 Maradona, standout among galaxy of Argentina's football stars — Vijay Eswaran
2020/11/26 Leaders and politicians, don’t overstay your welcome — Saleh Mohammed
2020/11/26 Good news for Malaysian private universities — Geoffrey Williams and Nur Muhammad Tajrid
2020/11/25 Budget 2021 debate on Bumiputera allocations: Less heat, more light — Lee Hwok Aun
2020/11/25 Should the 2021 Budget be rejected? — Fakhrurrazi Rashid
2020/11/25 Case for windfall taxes — Lim Wei Jiet
2020/11/25 Human resources, legal dilemma: Employees who test positive for Covid-19 — Leonard Yeoh and Pua Jun Wen
2020/11/25 Addressing 'anti-vaxxer' concerns important for nationwide vaccination — Ameen Kamal
2020/11/25 Saluting our brave police GOF units — Patriot
2020/11/24 Is the ban on liquor sale a mala fide move? — Gen (Rtd) Hashim Mohd Ali
2020/11/24 Standing up to religious violence around the world — Jason Loh
2020/11/24 Time for the young to step up — Mohd Firdaus Jamal
2020/11/23 Replace EPF withdrawals with long-term sustainable measures — Sofea Azahar
2020/11/23 ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet’, a life-changing message of hope for the world — WWF-Malaysia
2020/11/23 Is there a case for ‘halal’ vaccines even in a pandemic? — Ameen Kamal
2020/11/21 Print and don’t be damned!: Why printing money is not such a bad idea — Geoffrey Williams and Nur Muhammad Tajrid Bin Zahalan
2020/11/21 Make environmental adherence laws and approvals strict to curb water pollution — Prem Kumar Nair
2020/11/20 Cancer during Covid: Forgotten but not gone! — Rish Tandapany
2020/11/20 Public transportation with emphasis on quality instead of quantity — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/11/20 Budget 2021: Time for solidarity, inclusiveness and equity — William Leong
2020/11/20 PAS! Stop meddling with non-Muslims — Norman Fernandez
2020/11/19 Kazakhstan’s halal industry primed for world stage — Almat Oryngaliul, Atashev Aibek Askarbekuly and Kazybek Zhuman
2020/11/19 Would you let sleeping dogs lie... — Saleh Mohammed
2020/11/18 Blanket moratorium is not fair — Wong Teck Jin
2020/11/18 The importance of continued shopping — Mohamad Akbar Noor Mohamad Noor
2020/11/18 Malaysian women and girls need to be at the centre of the Covid-19 recovery — United Nations Population Fund Malaysia
2020/11/18 DBKL shouldn't yield on new alcohol sales guidelines — Norman Fernandez
2020/11/18 Empathy with IGP's dejection over corrupt officers — Patriot
2020/11/17 Asean’s new normal: Change and continuity in terrorism landscape — Farlina Said and Muhammad Sinatra
2020/11/17 Micro SMEs are the ones in dire need — Jamari Mohtar and Tam Mei Si
2020/11/17 EPF withdrawals a real lifesaver — Sivaraman Murugiah
2020/11/17 RCEP a stride towards regional resilience — Nordin Abdullah
2020/11/17 Behind the text: Reaffirming Asean’s spirit — Thomas Daniel
2020/11/16 Making ‘gig work’ work in Malaysia — Izwan Zakaria
2020/11/16 Rethink the CMCO — Dharm Navaratnam
2020/11/15 The lost Covid-19 generation — Dr Amar-Singh HSS
2020/11/14 Budget 2021: Will Malaysia keep up with the global green economy transition? — Alizan Mahadi and Darshan Joshi
2020/11/13 Govt should widen existing measures to alleviate the financial burden of Malaysians — Malaysian Bar
2020/11/13 Fix up this budget — Hafidz Baharom
2020/11/13 The many mistakes of Umany — Muhammad Junaidi Ab Ghani
2020/11/13 Budget 2021: Is it sufficient for Covid-19 vaccines? — Ameen Kamal
2020/11/12 Recording of videos or pictures of cops on duty: Need for lawyers to interpret the law for the public — Desmond Teo
2020/11/12 Pneumonia ― The No.1 killer of young children ― Dr Musa Mohd Nordin and Dr Husna Musa
2020/11/12 We need moratorium! ― Sophie Shakur