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2020/10/16 Political intrigue leads to capital outflow — Jamari Mohtar and Tam Mei Si
2020/10/15 Economics of empathy in action via moratorium extension — EMIR Research
2020/10/14 There are no shortcuts in dealing with Covid-19 — Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy
2020/10/13 Contact tracing is key in the war against Covid-19 — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/10/12 Tenuous numbers prop Anwar’s bid to be PM — KK Tan and Azmi Anshar
2020/10/11 Make use of all tools available, not just lockdowns — The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) Advisory Council
2020/10/10 Institutions of higher learning putting students and staff at risk — Lee Jia Yi
2020/10/10 Putting the GST ghost to its final rest ― Liew Chin Tong
2020/10/10 Evidence and equality: The case against the death penalty ― Andrew Goledzinowski
2020/10/09 Covid-19 outbreak in prisons: High time to speed up prison reform — Liew Chin Tong
2020/10/09 Hope in sight — Dr Wan Kim Sui, Dr Noran Naqiah Hairi and Dr Moy Foong Ming
2020/10/09 Deploy more personnel to ensure SOPs observed during campaigning — Jamari Mohtar
2020/10/09 Malaysia’s inhumane crackdown on migrants, refugees — Rachel Chhoa-Howard and Michelle Yesudas
2020/10/08 Coordinated effort needed to manage increasing cases of Covid-19 — Malaysian Medical Association
2020/10/08 Rethinking beyond Ro and MCO — Musa Mohd Nordin and Husna Musa
2020/10/08 4IR: Evolution or revolution? — Rais Hussin
2020/10/07 Let’s get serious about combating youth unemployment — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/10/07 Let’s flatten the mental health curve — Ida Fazila Ismail
2020/10/07 Covid-19: Protecting our children ― Amar-Singh HSS
2020/10/07 Can you sue the government? ― Leonard Yeoh and Nurul Qarirah
2020/10/05 Mourning the loss of VK Liew — Sabah Law Society
2020/10/05 Focus on Covid-19 challenge, stop blaming undocumented migrants — Agora Society Malaysia
2020/10/05 Children's intense separation pain and anguish — Amar-Singh HSS
2020/10/04 Covid-19 pandemic: stop the stigmatisation & discrimination — Timothy William and John Teo
2020/10/04 Reinvent. Malaysia 5.0 — Rais Hussin
2020/10/03 Demolish the V2K Telegram Group and other similar groups at once — All Women’s Action Society
2020/10/03 Hari ini dalam sejarah — Tan Siew Soo
2020/10/03 No to elite Tabika: All entitled to quality early childhood development — William Leong Jee Keen
2020/10/02 VK Liew, a true friend and ally to justice — The Malaysian Bar
2020/10/01 Covid-19: Better RMCO regulations and enforcement, or reimpose MCO — Hafiz Hassan
2020/10/01 Can unemployment be overcome as Covid-19 cases increase? — Fakhrurrazi Rashid
2020/10/01 Now is not the time for elections — Khoo Poay Tiong