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2020/07/30 Important milestone for rule of law in Malaysia welcomed — IDEAS
2020/07/30 Social media influencer: To pay or not to pay tax? — Thisha Gunasilan
2020/07/30 GST in times of Covid-19 — Cheah Chyuan Yong
2020/07/30 DBKL, please give valid reason for name changes... — Saleh Mohammed
2020/07/29 Mandatory use of face masks in public — Malaysian Thoracic Society
2020/07/29 Third wave not the only threat, something bigger awaits if we don’t act now — Dr Arvinder Singh HS
2020/07/29 Selangor FA: From Red Giants to vape promoters — Razali Azman
2020/07/29 Helping PTPTN borrowers to sail through hard times — Sofea Azahar
2020/07/28 Impact of Covid-19 on hepatitis elimination — AMM
2020/07/28 Creating Malaysia's smart, connected farms — Steven Tompkins
2020/07/27 Covid-19: Getting our SOPs right — Amar-Singh HSS and Lim Swee Im
2020/07/27 The curious case of the persecution of Lim Guan Eng — Tony Pua
2020/07/26 Keeping at par with international best practices on mangroves conservation — Maritime Institute of Malaysia
2020/07/25 A call for the immediate release and protection of Rayhan Kabir in Malaysia — Bangladeshi civil society collective
2020/07/25 The turning point in our Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia ― Arvinder-Singh HS
2020/07/24 Finas Act must be reformed to protect freedom of expression — CIJ and FFN
2020/07/24 South China Sea – Time to display firm resolve — Jason Loh
2020/07/24 How Covid-19 responses have worsened inequality — Carmelo Ferlito and Emile Phaneuf
2020/07/23 Speak up on regulating smoking alternatives — John Soosai
2020/07/23 GFN2020: Time to regulate e-cigarettes, other smoke-free nicotine products — Tasnim Lokman
2020/07/22 Plain packaging for cigarettes not a failure — Arunah Chandran
2020/07/22 End tariffs on medicine to improve access — Philip Stevens and Nilanjan Banik
2020/07/22 Censorship by another name — Thomas Barker
2020/07/21 New Election Commission chairperson should inspire public confidence and continue electoral reforms — Global Bersih
2020/07/21 We will win the fight against Covid-19 if we all do our part — Malaysian Medical Association
2020/07/20 Baby dumping in Malaysia: Strategies to address a social illness — Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia
2020/07/20 Final nail in the coffin: Latest Australian data confirms failure of plain packaging — Jo Furnival
2020/07/19 A cultural ‘shift’ needed to stop party hopping — Arnold Puyok
2020/07/19 Recover, revitalise and reform after the storm — Ndiamé Diop
2020/07/19 New Perikatan Nasional order marks the end of Barisan Nasional — Liew Chin Tong
2020/07/19 Does US taking sides in the South China Sea help? — Ding Duo
2020/07/17 State government should not proceed with its Penang Transport Master Plan — Penang Forum
2020/07/17 Adjusting to life after lockdown: Citizen’s power in preventing a new wave of Covid-19 — Moy Foong Ming & UM Group 5A medical students
2020/07/17 Abolish the mandatory death penalty: Parliament should not take away judges’ power and discretion in sentencing — MADPET
2020/07/16 This two-majority government must stop acting like it commands 90pc support — Saiful Ridzaimi
2020/07/16 Safeguarding the rights of sexual harassment survivors — JAG
2020/07/15 CIJ calls for Official Secrets Act to be replaced with Right to Information Bill — Centre for Independent Journalism
2020/07/15 Will PN government survive possible defeat in every Parliament sitting? — Fakhrurrazi Rashid
2020/07/15 Malaysian government should defend women’s rights to public, political participation — KRYSS Network
2020/07/15 Art, Art, wherefore art thou, Art? — Ong Kian Ming
2020/07/14 More than just nasi lemak and the tarik — Ken Soong
2020/07/14 63 years of parliamentary democracy undone — Suaram
2020/07/14 Perikatan: To keep reforming, what’s your legislative agenda? — Hafidz Baharom
2020/07/14 Malaysia needs a holistic fight against racism, let’s denounce hypocrisy — Pusat Komas
2020/07/14 Was the law broken in the appointment of the new Speaker? — Dharm Navaratnam
2020/07/13 Transgender persons deserve equal protection — Malaysian Bar
2020/07/13 Relax Malaysia, it's just a documentary — Goh Cia Yee
2020/07/13 Tuition: The life support of good grades? — Lyndon Lum Wai Khuen
2020/07/13 Reviewing upcoming Covid-19 bill in Malaysian parliament — Fakhrurrazi Rashid
2020/07/12 Case reports on SOP breaches — Arvinder-Singh HS