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2020/06/30 Is there hope for our air travel industry? — Jason Loh
2020/06/30 Open letter to government of Malaysia — Your Ears and Heart
2020/06/30 Invalidity of the Penang treaty? — Mohd Hazmi Mohd Rusli and Fareed Mohd Hassan
2020/06/30 Politics with a capital P — Jonson Chong
2020/06/30 Open letter to Anwar Ibrahim — M. Santhananaban
2020/06/29 Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy at risk — Proham
2020/06/29 Open letter to Anwar Ibrahim — Nasaruddin Ismail Yusof
2020/06/29 Time to let Sabah's unheard voices be heard — Amanda Yanyin Yeo
2020/06/29 Mahathir’s legacies — Susan Hoi
2020/06/29 Saving early intervention service for children with disabilities — group statement
2020/06/29 Outdated healthcare policies for refugees, xenophobic decision making put all at risk — Vaisnavi Mogan Rao
2020/06/29 Will Shafie Apdal as PM provide new hope for Sabah, Sarawak? — Haziq Farhan
2020/06/28 Karpal Singh, The Tiger of Jelutong lives on — Lara Ling
2020/06/28 Speedy GST refund and the conundrum of reintroducing GST — Brynner Chiam
2020/06/28 Who will defend our parliament? — Daniel Abishegam
2020/06/26 Commemorating United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture today — Suhakam
2020/06/26 Public’s right to information must be upheld and OSA repealed after news editor called in for police questioning — CIJ
2020/06/26 Drop the investigation under the OSA against CodeBlue Editor-in-Chief — C4 Center
2020/06/26 We welcome PM’s endorsement on asset declaration — TI-Malaysia
2020/06/26 Concerns about state propaganda in new RTM channel — Centre for Independent Journalism
2020/06/26 How do we deal with deflation? — Paolo Casadio, Hui Hon Chung and Geoffrey Williams
2020/06/25 Political movements must be built on values and principles, not the ambitions of any one individual — Projek Wawasan Rakyat
2020/06/25 A unified QR code is one way to welcome no-touch payment — Sofea Azahar
2020/06/25 Women key to Asean’s Covid-19 response, economic development — Jelen Paclarin and Jocelyn Villanueva
2020/06/23 Protection of freedom of speech and expression — Suhakam
2020/06/23 A worse disease to treat than Covid-19 — Arvinder-Singh HS
2020/06/23 Is Covid-19 the end of the world as we know it? — David Black
2020/06/22 Bridging the digital divide — Hasnul Fadhly Hasan
2020/06/22 Malaysia 5.0 for SMEs — Rais Hussin
2020/06/21 Anwar, may you never lose sight of the spirit of reformasi — Lara Ling
2020/06/21 Anwar or Dr Mahathir: Can it be a younger leader? — Hafidz Baharom
2020/06/19 In solidarity with individuals being silenced or censored for dissent — CSOs
2020/06/19 Sudden termination of LPPKN chairperson shows regression in Malaysia's women representation — Chong Eng
2020/06/19 Stop violence and discrimination against women politicians — JAG
2020/06/19 Managing the brunt of long-standing youth unemployment — Sofea Azahar
2020/06/19 Removing women from important posts a step backward, reinstate LPPKN chairperson — JAG
2020/06/19 Workplace sexual harassment: Is this the new normal? — Leonard Yeoh and Pua Jun Wen
2020/06/18 Anwar-Mahathir unity can defeat the dark side — Liew Chin Tong
2020/06/18 Unreasonable arrests of migrants, tourists inhumane and threaten national security — Projek Wawasan Rakyat
2020/06/18 Let’s not miss the boat! — Ramon Navaratnam
2020/06/17 Social enterprises in Malaysia ― an emerging employment provider ― Jason Loh
2020/06/17 Why we need to be more serious about domestic tourism ― Aziff Azuddin
2020/06/17 Make space for women’s leadership and political participation ― Joint Action Group for Gender Equality
2020/06/16 High time for legal and social reform and the enactment of sexual harassment legislation — Malaysian Bar
2020/06/16 All kleptocrats must be put on trial without political interference — Joint statement by Sabah NGOs, CSOs and community leaders
2020/06/16 It's the lack of legitimacy, stupid — William Leong
2020/06/16 Sexual harassment within legal fraternity must be eradicated — AWL
2020/06/15 If only trees give us free Wi-Fi — Suzianah Nhazzla Ismail
2020/06/15 The threat of bioterrorism: Insights and lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic — Rueben Ananthan Santhana Dass
2020/06/15 We are living in a crisis and it isn't just Covid-19 — Winnie Ong