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2020/02/20 Syed Saddiq's broken GE promises — Johan Arif
2020/02/19 The effects of traffic congestion — Tan Chen Tat
2020/02/19 Let’s stop saying ‘decriminalisation’ — Aziff Azuddin & Nelleita Omar
2020/02/19 Embracing Industry 4.0 in palm oil milling — Hong Wai Onn
2020/02/19 A little bit goes a long way — Nordin Abdullah
2020/02/19 The 'virus' of panic buying — Jamari Mohtar & Chia Chu Hang
2020/02/18 King may refer constitutionality question to Federal Court — Puthan Perumal
2020/02/18 What is wrong with PTMP and PSI? — Joshua Woo
2020/02/18 Syabas to MoH for hard work in keeping Malaysians safe — Anthony Thanasayan
2020/02/18 Certainty in succession issue bodes well for country — Jamari Mohtar
2020/02/17 Covid-19: Good work but more to do, please — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2020/02/17 Many questions, few answers — Ahmad Syamsul
2020/02/17 How digital tax affects you — Brynner Chiam
2020/02/17 At the end of the day, art is so important — Shalini Ganendra
2020/02/16 A clean Down South example — Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus
2020/02/15 The truth about the Orang Asli in Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang — Kalimullah Hassan
2020/02/15 A clean down South example — Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus
2020/02/15 Malaysia’s multilingualism is our strength — Wong Shu Qi
2020/02/15 The centre is holding ― Liew Chin Tong
2020/02/15 PAS' claim of saving nation by backing Dr M a mere 'fairy tale' — Lim Kit Siang
2020/02/14 ‘Bin Abdullah’ case: Uphold the child’s right to a name, identity and family — Sisters In Islam
2020/02/14 Is the PTMP a Trojan Horse for the Penang South Reclamation agenda? — Khoo Salma
2020/02/14 Due process denied in dismissal of Malaysian death row prisoners cases in Singapore court — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/02/14 Parliament should honour Kevin Morais — Lim Kit Siang
2020/02/14 CIA-linked crypto AG spied on foreign governments — Patriot
2020/02/13 Time to heed recommendations of our founding fathers — Puthan Perumal
2020/02/13 Rethinking drug policy: Why ‘Just Say No Campaign’ is failing? — Samantha Chong
2020/02/13 Fake news and Covid-19: Sharing is not necessarily caring — Helmy Haja Mydin
2020/02/12 Trump or Modi? — by Rais Hussin
2020/02/12 It is time to prepare for the possibility of wider transmission of novel coronavirus in Malaysia — Dr Takeshi Kasai
2020/02/12 Support, not stifle the freedom of speech and expression of artists and performers — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/02/12 Speaker may respectfully decline PAS's proposed motion of confidence in PM — Puthan Perumal
2020/02/12 Why PAS’ confidence motion would not succeed — Ooi Heng
2020/02/12 United as one and triumphant we will stand: Some words about the fight against the Novel Coronavirus — Bai Tian
2020/02/12 Staying in touch with my brother on death row in Changi Prison — Sangkari Pranthaman
2020/02/11 Don’t look at what you eat or drink — Murray Hunter
2020/02/11 What vote of confidence? — Kuo Yong Kooi
2020/02/10 Making legal sense out of the denial of bail to businessman B. Subramaniam — Hafiz Hassan
2020/02/10 ‘Newer’ method of absorption for urban flood management — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2020/02/10 Fast-track children’s citizenship applications — Sarawak Women for Women Society
2020/02/07 Coastal reclamation, costly fantasy and reality check — Khoo Salma
2020/02/06 Be proportionate in responding to misinformation — CIJ Malaysia
2020/02/06 e-Testing: Enhancing integrity of the driving licensing system via digitalisation — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/02/06 Rejuvenation of rural development — Amir Jalal
2020/02/06 Media statement on awarding of citizenship to ‘celebrities’ — Kasthuri Patto
2020/02/05 Need for Construction Industry 4.0 — Wong Chee Fui
2020/02/05 Mujahid should not have singled out Nur Sajat nor exerted inappropriate pressure on MCMC to take action against her — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/02/05 Way out of poverty and corruption is paved with good governance — Jamari Mohtar & Alissa Azizi
2020/02/05 Way forward to full democracy — Bersih 2.0
2020/02/05 Will we lose our humanity in this disease outbreak? — Dr Khoo Yoong Khean