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2020/01/30 Mathematics crucial for Malaysia’s big data analytics, fintech, smart cities — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/01/30 Knowing the unknowns — Dr Helmy Haja Mydin
2020/01/29 2020 growth projection difficult to achieve — Mazli Noor
2020/01/29 Free breakfast programme: Was the sugar tax a failure? — Vinodh Pillai
2020/01/29 A Human Rights Act (HRA) for Malaysia? — Jason Loh
2020/01/29 Anatomy of a rumour mill — Jamari Mohtar and Chia Chu Hang
2020/01/28 What Malaysia’s lower overnight policy rate means for the consumer — Mazli Noor
2020/01/28 Hydrogen vehicles have better mileage and lower cost than internal combustion cars — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/01/28 Pay closer attention to premature deaths in Malaysia — Kenny Chong
2020/01/27 A strong, calm and sensible response to the coronavirus outbreak — Concerned doctors
2020/01/27 On the secular state debate: A response to Dr Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil — G25 Malaysia
2020/01/27 Let us make 2020 a Year of Positive Vibes for Pakatan Harapan and a New Malaysia — Lim Kit Siang
2020/01/27 Kudos to PDRM : Drug busts see cops grab huge hauls — Akhbar Satar
2020/01/27 2019-nCoV outbreak: This too shall pass — Azrul Mohd Khalib
2020/01/27 Barring an entire nation is not an answer to Wuhan coronavirus outbreak — Kenny Chong
2020/01/24 Letter of clarification over statement by Lawyers for Liberty — Vanu Gopala Menon
2020/01/24 Malaysia should embrace harm reduction — Hafidz Baharom
2020/01/24 Merrymaking and fertile ideas towards unity, come CNY — Charles Santiago
2020/01/23 Some reforms require time and consensus-building — Jason Loh Seong Wei, Chia Chu Hang
2020/01/22 Four important issues Pakatan has to grapple with — Jamari Mohtar
2020/01/22 Gig economy ― the future of work ― Nurafifah Mohammad Suhaimi
2020/01/22 Why AI will not abolish work ― Andrea Komlosy
2020/01/21 How half-truths and the internet (finally) killed the press ― Andrea Filmer
2020/01/20 When will diabetes finally be taken seriously? — Winnie Ong
2020/01/20 MMA urges Public Service Department and relevant ministries to work together for long term solutions faced by local medical officers — N. Ganabaskaran
2020/01/18 Till Apec do we last and begin — Rais Hussin
2020/01/16 Joint development of the South China Sea: The way forward to avoid conflict — Jason Loh
2020/01/15 Good morning Malaysia — Jayakumar Gurusamy
2020/01/15 The four pillars of Donald Trump’s re-election — Rais Hussin
2020/01/14 Education Reform 2: Policy considerations — Najmie Noordin
2020/01/14 The powerlessness of our Welfare Department ― Amar-Singh HSS
2020/01/13 United against smoking in Malaysia — Concerned Doctors
2020/01/12 Disclosure of videos by MACC's Latheefa Koya: Legal or not? — Hakam
2020/01/11 KLIA: A full reboot required to stay competitive — Mazli Noor
2020/01/11 War for the fortunate son — Rais Hussin
2020/01/10 The Pakatan Harapan government — Mahathir Mohamad
2020/01/10 America’s sacred politics — Ian Buruma
2020/01/09 Rotary in Malaysia: Our role in polio eradication — Lioh Cheng Lim
2020/01/09 MACC’s miasma: Of procedure and purpose — Chan Quin Er
2020/01/09 A long think about smoking zones — Hafidz Baharom
2020/01/09 Representing the people: KPIs for ministers, MPs and Aduns in 2020 — Amar-Singh HSS
2020/01/09 Kimanis by-election: Focus on shared prosperity vision over identity politics — Dayang Shuzaidah Abduludin
2020/01/09 Will Malaysia Baharu surpass economists’ expectations again? — Joshua Woo Sze Zeng
2020/01/08 Dignifying agricultural sector in combating youth unemployment — Dayang Shuzaidah Abduludin
2020/01/08 China today: Peaceful rise or development? — Jason Loh
2020/01/08 War of US decapitation and pin prick retaliation by Iran ― Rais Hussin
2020/01/08 Time for health ministry and government to wake up — Zulhilmi Zailani
2020/01/08 Malaysia should be cautious with global shocks ― Ahmad Shahir Abdul Aziz
2020/01/08 Safeguarding and protecting election integrity in Kimanis ― Akhbar Satar
2020/01/08 What happened to India? ― Shashi Tharoor