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2019/12/01 Citizenship laws prove that Malaysia’s gender equality is only surface level — Jasmine Cho
2019/12/01 Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence in Malaysia – here to stay this time — Daniel Abishegam
2019/11/28 Ideological contestation urgently needed in Malaysian politics ― Aira Azhari
2019/11/28 When it comes to leadership, Malaysians cannot catch a break — Tarak Singh
2019/11/27 Addressing the elite gap — Rais Hussin
2019/11/27 Catalysing change for gender equality — Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
2019/11/27 What Pakatan Harapan can learn from the fall of Weimar Germany — Syed Kamal
2019/11/27 Malaysia’s massive foreign worker dependency — Murray Hunter
2019/11/27 Paternity leave: Gender stigma about men who care and why we should — Tan Theng Theng
2019/11/25 Civil servants’ dilemma — Pola Singh
2019/11/20 Meaningful actions to curb the increasing discrimination and violence against transgender persons — Justice for Sisters
2019/11/20 Are the Orang Asli people Malaysians? ― Amar-Singh HSS
2019/11/20 Reason for incompetence among us ― Azizi Ahmad
2019/11/20 Azmin and Umno Meeting: What's the prawn behind the stone? ― Rais Hussin
2019/11/19 Prioritise the lives of girls; end child marriage — All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
2019/11/19 Many factors to blame for Pakatan’s defeat in Tanjung Piai — Daniel Ong
2019/11/19 It’s not the end of the world yet for Pakatan! — Jason Loh
2019/11/19 In perspective ― DAP fumbled with TAR UC grant! ― Lee Yew Meng
2019/11/19 Tobacco logic up in flames ― Jahaziah Lim
2019/11/19 Need for greater action against animal abuse ― Meenakshi Raman
2019/11/17 A layman’s analysis of the Tanjung Piai by-election — Dharm Navaratnam
2019/11/17 Doomsday for Pakatan Harapan? Not yet — Zairil Khir Johari
2019/11/16 Advanced life savers for cancer: From science fiction to reality — Brendan J. Gomez
2019/11/16 Recent Myanmar/Bangladesh ICC decision reinforces flaws in alleged academics’ presentation to Rulers — Lim Wei Jiet
2019/11/15 The real shocking news — K. Sudhagaran Stanley
2019/11/15 Uphold child's right to name, identity and family — Sisters in Islam
2019/11/14 Avoid premature, venomous and reckless attacks on the courts — Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor
2019/11/14 Harm reduction is better than a ban — anak_halimunan
2019/11/13 Ban all e-cigarettes and vaping devices — Mohideen Abdul Kader
2019/11/12 Violent attack on CEO condemned — Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli)
2019/11/11 Please follow the advice of our royal Rulers or self destroy ourselves — Ramon Navaratnam
2019/11/11 Pharmaniaga outperform, why tilt the scales? — Nur Sakinah Yusof
2019/11/11 Babari Mosque issue politicised in India — Zamir Ahmed Awan
2019/11/09 Unfair treatment of our young doctors — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/11/07 EOT issuance continue to compromise house buyers’ interest — Victims Malaysia
2019/11/06 Why the West should not give up on Cambodia — George Yeo
2019/11/06 1MDB asset recovery: Think big, small steps, move quickly — Rais Hussin
2019/11/05 MoU between Mara Corp-Lynas signed in compliance of all requirements of good governance — Mara Corporation
2019/11/05 ‘Catch him if you can’: Jho Low must be nabbed with international collaboration — Rais Hussin
2019/11/04 No escape from the artificial blue light — Alexander Goh
2019/11/04 Rethinking tertiary education in Malaysia — Alexander Goh
2019/11/04 Why are so many Malaysian children drowning in hotel swimming pools and theme parks? — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/11/03 Doctors Glut and Joblessness — Dr John Teo
2019/11/01 Get businesses on board to cut disaster risk — Mami Mizutori
2019/11/01 Let’s host the Santiago Apec summit in Kuala Lumpur now — Rais Hussin
2019/11/01 A colossal waste to give Apec 2019 a miss! — Jamari Mohtar
2019/10/31 Digital Economy as the country’s new growth engine — Mazli Noor
2019/10/31 Beware of ultrasonic pest control devices — Consumers’ Association of Penang
2019/10/31 Investigate thoroughly the suspicious death of Indonesian environmental human rights defender — Sahabat Alam Malaysia
2019/10/31 A response to MCA Youth — Aimran Sarhan Abdullah