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2019/09/30 Against anarchism — Nasrul Akim
2019/09/30 Budget 2020: What is expected? — Ramon Navaratnam
2019/09/30 Firemen's tragedy: Do the right thing — Satiman Abdul Hamid
2019/09/30 Time to get the basics right! — Ashvin Khorana
2019/09/29 Children of a lesser god — Rais Hussin
2019/09/29 Housing remains the best business in Malaysia — Saleh Mohammed
2019/09/29 Carpe Diem —Rais Hussin
2019/09/27 We voted for lions, not mice — Fadhli Abd Rahman
2019/09/26 Analogue to digital: Don’t see static — Zanisa S
2019/09/26 Today is World Contraception Day — John Teo
2019/09/25 Unity and Malaysia Day — Brian Lee
2019/09/25 As a job seeker and a recruiter, I’ve seen the ugliness of discrimination — Vash Perimbanayagam
2019/09/25 Grey winters of haze: The psychological impact on lives — Brendan Gomez
2019/09/21 TR Sandah Federal Court Review — Abdul Fareed Gafoor
2019/09/21 Saudi oil attack shows how Iran sees new Mid-East game — Peter Apps
2019/09/21 Saving Mothers lives, How much is it Worth? — John Teo
2019/09/21 Young people are right about climate change: It’s time to listen — Luis Alfonso de Alba
2019/09/20 Malaysia needs high-skilled jobs for our youths — Joshua Woo
2019/09/19 BCG vaccine for long term protection, yes or no? — Boo Soon Yew
2019/09/19 The Haze is the climate emergency! — Khor Swee Kheng, Amar Singh-HSS, Darshan Joshi
2019/09/17 What if China coughs? — Rais Hussin
2019/09/17 Why men should fight for equal pay for women — Sharan Raj
2019/09/17 Is regional environmentalism not fully appreciated under Asean agreement? — Roger Chan
2019/09/16 Why parents shouldn't fear vaccines — Musa Mohd Nordin & Chan Li Jin
2019/09/16 How the US-China trade war has fractured Asia’s supply chains — Jayant Menon
2019/09/16 How ‘Hutan Kita’ can snowball into a mass movement to combat haze — Lim Tian Foo
2019/09/16 Malaysia is mine and I am hers — Thomas Fann
2019/09/16 RM1 lawsuit against Indonesia: A viable policy option for the annual haze crisis — Khor Swee Kheng, Amar Singh-HSS, Darshan Joshi
2019/09/15 New UK student policy: Good for the UK, good for home countries — Claire Lim
2019/09/14 Tale of two ‘Tamans’: Taman Rimba Kiara and Taman Tugu — Saleh Mohamad
2019/09/14 Malaysia’s higher education institutions: Where are we now? — Aristotle
2019/09/13 Nation building lessons from the jungle — Chrishen Gomez
2019/09/13 Learning from a half-century of economic development in Asia — Deepak Nayyar
2019/09/13 Budget 2020: Don’t ban vaping and e-cigarettes, tax it ― Hafidz Baharom
2019/09/12 Dr Zakir Naik is no more than a prized chess piece in a game of politics — Ismail Hafiz
2019/09/12 Zakir Naik’s alleged defamation is a civil case — Wong Ang Peng
2019/09/11 Working together to prevent suicide — Justin Victor
2019/09/11 The fallacy of masks in the face of Indonesian smog — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/09/10 Response to Alwyn Lau’s ‘Two wrong reasons to be a lecturer’ — Michelle Low
2019/09/10 Response to ‘Two wrong reasons to be a lecturer’ — Esther Soh Huey Jo
2019/09/10 Malaysia faces youth unemployment crisis — Murray Hunter
2019/09/10 Tale of the twin towers: Surviving 9-11 — Brendan J. Gomez
2019/09/10 Bringing glory to agri — Rais Hussin
2019/09/10 Contract scheme for civil Service: Is neo-liberalism coming full circle in Malaysia? — Khairil Izamin Ahmad
2019/09/09 Persecution of Shias an assault on human rights — Ahmad Farouk Musa
2019/09/09 University mergers are a welcome development but should include private universities as well — Geoffrey Williams
2019/09/07 In debating retirement age, solve the retirement savings issue too — Mohammad Abdul Hamid
2019/09/07 Malaysian economic resilience is a must in the age of Sino-US trade war — Rais Hussin
2019/09/06 The counterfeiting epidemic: New cases of fake banknotes in Malaysia — Henry Goodman
2019/09/06 Measure poverty reliably, but address other dimensions of wellbeing too — Mohammad Abdul Hamid