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2019/08/18 Unequal citizenship rights for women and equality in law — Malaysian Campaign for Equal Citizenship
2019/08/18 What we have now is BN 2.0 — Ragunath Kesavan
2019/08/16 Serious concerns, unanswered questions over Lynas operations renewal — SAM and CAP
2019/08/16 Open letter to a holier-than-thou foreign preacher — Sheela Raghavan
2019/08/15 Home minister must decide, not prime minister on Zakir Naik ― Puthan Perumal
2019/08/14 Khat the bullshit and let’s have a discussion — Jasmine Cho
2019/08/14 Open letter to my PM Dr Mahathir on Zakir Naik — Ravinder Singh
2019/08/14 On Khat — Rozana Isa
2019/08/12 The challenge of governing in a post-truth multi-ethnic democracy — Liew Chin Tong
2019/08/12 Remembering Yunus Raiss — Ashraf Abdullah
2019/08/10 Khat ― Timing and acceptance ― Saleh Mohammed
2019/08/10 Rethinking the ‘buy and throw lah’ mindset ― Claire Lim Yu Li
2019/08/09 International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples — Suhakam
2019/08/09 Personal view of a Muslim: Unilateral conversion into Islam — Mohamed Rafick Khan
2019/08/09 Deforestation, NCR violations in Sarawak: Federal government must conduct ground visits — Meenakshi Raman
2019/08/09 IPCMC must be a Black Maria, not a Kancil — Rama Ramanathan
2019/08/09 Why drug crime increase in Singapore and its capital punishment is not effective? — Sangkari Pranthaman
2019/08/07 Flying Cars vs EV sharing — Rais Hussin
2019/08/07 Is there a better, cheaper, faster alternative to the RM46b PTMP? — Lim Mah Hui and Ahmad Hilmy
2019/08/06 Death by construction, who’s to blame? — Sharina Lew
2019/08/06 Symbols, signs, language. When is it a threat? ― Frederic Jjadarta
2019/08/05 Khat, Jawi and cultural colonisation — Hafidz Baharom
2019/08/03 Baby dumping, the real deal — John Teo
2019/08/01 Incarceration vs treatment for drug addicts — MARAH