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2019/07/17 Technology is a leap of faith for malaysian businesses — Vincent Choy
2019/07/16 Constitutional amendment to lower the voting age from 21 to 18 lauded — IDEAS
2019/07/16 Sorry Anwar, we are not interested in gutter politics — Khoo Sian Chong
2019/07/16 Wong Tack, less an environmentalist, more a propagandist ― Arveent Kathirtchelvan
2019/07/16 Uphold right to life and liberty, end deaths in custody now — Malaysian Bar
2019/07/16 Lynas Malaysia achieves one year lost time injury free ― Lynas Malaysia
2019/07/15 Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance’s inaugural lecture on sustainability purposeful leadership and sustainability — Abdul Wahid Omar
2019/07/14 Malaysian politicians’ favourite pastime: Blaming political conspiracies for scandals — Tee Kim Hoe
2019/07/14 Review SOP of immigration department — Charles Santiago
2019/07/13 Hakam condemns detention of Thomas Orhions Ewansiha and his subsequent death ― Hakam
2019/07/13 NEP is not sustainable ― Philip Wong
2019/07/13 A response to the constitutional responsibility of the Attorney General ― Shukri Shahizam
2019/07/12 About contraceptives, consent and underserved communities — John Teo
2019/07/12 Need for voter education as Malaysia moves forward — Amerul Muner Mohammad
2019/07/12 Three reasons why Rahim Uda should quit for Task Force’s credibility — Media statement by Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances, CAGED
2019/07/12 Even fighters like Sangeet have given up on our judicial system — Tarak Singh
2019/07/12 The illusion of addiction — Matthew Jerome van Huizen
2019/07/12 Spin and Spin Doctors ― Wong Soak Koon
2019/07/12 Let Wan Ji be the last unjust victim of the Sedition Act ― Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia
2019/07/11 Introduction of AI modules in Kemas kindergartens — Yu Li Lim
2019/07/11 Undi18: A democratic step? — Musleh Dzulkefly
2019/07/11 We need to talk about our Orang Asli communities — Nicole Sharma
2019/07/11 We choose to go to the moon — Nur Ayuni Zainal Abidin
2019/07/11 MAS and its potential buyer — Hajar Shamsudin
2019/07/10 Stop politicising LGBTs — Dharm Navaratnam
2019/07/10 Free Ustaz Wanji – IRF
2019/07/10 Prime Minister’s Questions: A new age of executive accountability? — Gregory Das
2019/07/09 Wan Ji’s increased sentence shows Sedition Act must go — Civil Society Organisations
2019/07/09 Wan Ji imprisonment another failure — Suaram
2019/07/09 An in-depth look at AIA’s recently introduced mental health benefits for Malaysians — Lim Su Lin
2019/07/08 Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Informed choice — Syirin Junisya
2019/07/08 Has Azmin met his Waterloo? — Farrah Hani Izzudin
2019/07/07 Lowering the voting age will benefit everyone — Khairul Azwan Harun
2019/07/06 Asking banks to be fair and reasonable is not the same as asking them to be easy on all loan applications — Jeyakumar Joseph
2019/07/06 An open letter to the Electoral Reform Committee — Christopher Ling
2019/07/04 We welcome the decision to amend the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 — Suhakam
2019/07/03 Children dressed as trees ignite a response that marks the end of freedom of speech — Tarak Singh
2019/07/03 Future proofing Malaysia’s democracy — Harris Zainul
2019/07/03 Leave the banks alone — Johnny Tsen
2019/07/03 Just ignore the World Bank — Mariappan Santhananaban
2019/07/03 When children abuse children — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/07/02 We uphold integrity as our core value — UUM
2019/07/02 The future of federalism — Liew Chin Tong
2019/07/02 Should we revert to two ministries for national education — Hassan Basri Awang Mat Dahan
2019/07/01 The final straw that breaks my trust in our government — Disappointed Pakatan supporter