Happy birthday, Malaysia Baharu! ― Limli

MAY 9 ― You are one year old.

Thank you everyone for helping make Malaysia Baharu come true on this auspicious day a year ago. It was your enthusiasm and your passion in those past years that made it happen. You dared to dream of a better Malaysia. And, boy, aren’t we proud that together we did it!

What do I like about Malaysia Baharu? The freedom! It’s so refreshing and energising. And day by day, our country’s financial situation is improving. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. If only we allow ourselves to count our blessings, we will see many.

Yes, there are the disappointments. We want to see more changes. But come on, we’re only one year old. Give Malaysia Baharu time. And just as it was individual action that brought about Malaysia Baru, it is individual action that can help our country become a proud and prosperous nation again. 

We must be the change we want to see. If we want all Malaysians to live together in harmony, let us reach out and be kind to others, whatever their race or religion. If we want wisdom in our leaders, let us develop wisdom in our own thoughts. Let us act.

When we think hard about it, every Malaysian wants a better Malaysia. We want it for ourselves and our future generation. We just need to find the common ground and keep our hopes burning bright.

Together, we made Malaysia Baharu a reality. Together, we can keep up our mission to make Malaysia a better place. Let us contribute in a big or small way, every day, for our country, for ourselves and for our kids. 

Let's do it!

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