The Chinese community expects govt to treat everyone equally — Chong Sin Woon

AUGUST 30 — This 61st Independence Day is particularly symbolic as it will be Malaysia’s first since the change of federal government. It shows a mature and healthy two-party democratic society which allows dissent in society. To ensure the continued existence a healthy two-party political system and in order to effectively monitor the government, strong checks and balances should be relied upon the Opposition. I believe this is what most Malaysians want to see.

In terms of political power, the separation of powers would be the ideal model, that is, the independence of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. This would be necessary to execute mutual checks and balances and monitoring, thereby ensuring that the ruling coalition implements policies sincerely which benefit the rakyat. Such a situation would be ideal so as to prevent too much power from being vested into a sole individual.

On the economic front, any policy implemented by the government is critical for the development of people and the entire economic sector. Therefore, in order to ensure that all citizens may share in the development cake, only a fair and just administration can give people a sense of belonging. Therefore, it is necessary to refrain from preferential policies for a single ethnic group but to treat all ethnic groups evenly.

In terms of culture, the government should provide adequate cultural and artistic support for civil society to ensure that citizens fully enjoy cultural rights. The government should also assume responsibility for participating in the support, maintenance and promotion of culture and art.

In terms of education, the biggest expectation of the Chinese community is that the government can recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and recognise the status of Chinese Independent schools. At the same time, to ensure the development of a multi-stream education system, because a multi-stream education system was the consensus of the founding fathers, guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and also clarifies the right of each ethnic group to develop his own mother-tongue education, such constitutional rights should never be deprived on anyone.

As times change, civil society has grown more and more powerful and people have higher expectations and requirements for politics, culture and education. The government must also fully communicate with the people to understand the people’s expectations for openness, freedoms and justice. After the Pakatan government came to power, the biggest expectation of the Chinese community is for a government that treats all ethnic groups evenly in the areas of politics, economics, and culture.

Datuk Chong Sin Woon

MCA Youth Chairman

MCA Negri Sembilan State Liaison Committee Chairman

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