Response to ‘PR1MA a total failure, says property expert’ — Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia

DECEMBER 16 — We refer to your article “PR1MA a total failure, says property expert” dated 14 December 2015.

We are disappointed by the reckless allegations made by Dr Daniele Gambero, CEO of REI International Holding Sdn Bhd which your newspaper then chose to carry as a heading.

We are equally dismayed by the grossly inaccurate figures cited by Mr K.K.Chua, MD of Armani Media Sdn Bhd. We wish to address their remarks.

(i) PR1MA is a total failure and not delivering homes at the right value in the right places, location of PR1MA projects are “far flung” PR1MA’s unprecedented housing programme to build quality homes in urban and new urban areas and make them affordable for the middle-income group is set to usher the beginning of a better tomorrow for the vast majority of Malaysians, the M40 group, who represent household income in the RM2,500 – RM10,000 bracket.

Empowered to plan, develop, construct and maintain PR1MA developments throughout the country, PR1MA aims to deliver more than just brick and mortar.

PR1MA understands the demand for market homes for middle-income Malaysians and understands affordability in areas where PR1MA is present. We undertake demand analysis, using location preference data given by our registrants, which number 1.2 million people to date. Our product matches the demand at the location of our projects.

We cannot stress enough that PR1MA projects to date are in locations where PR1MA homes are in demand by middle-income Malaysians nationwide.

(ii) Only 10 per cent of the 500,000 units targeted have been approved through 72 projects. None have been delivered.

To date, a total of 232,807 units from 190 projects have been approved for construction by the Members of Corporation (MOC). That is approximately 97 per cent of our 3-year mandate of 240,000 units. Of this 67,435 units are already in various stages of construction and 883 units have been delivered.

It is vital for PR1MA to maintain the momentum it has achieved in building 500,000 homes for the middle-income group. Having reached considerable milestone thus far, we aim to progressively continue attaining our next benchmark. While PR1MA has recorded significant progress during its short time in existence, we remain mindful that there is much to be done to ensure we achieve our mandate.

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