Malaysia Day: A celebration for all — Jerald Joseph

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SEPTEMBER 16 — September 16, 1963, marks the establishment of the Federation of Malaysia with the joining together of four nations. Today we mark the union of Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak with pride as one nation.

It is on this special day that we embrace the different cultures and traditions which foster the true spirit of “Muhibbah” amongst the citizens of Malaysia. This new nation formed 52 years ago has grown and its citizens have matured with it into an empowered community. Syabas to all Malaysians.

This day is a special day must bring people together and not divide. Attempts to incite racial sentiments, religious extremism and the promotion of one ethnic grouping over the other must be rejected.

We should not erode the fabric of our multicultural and multi-religious Malaysian society with extremist rhetoric and actions. We are sailing away from the history of colonisation and racism and yet there are some who play this dangerous game. We know the majority of Malaysian stand with us on this.

Let us find our own ways to celebrate this diversity and be thankful of where we are today. There is still a journey ahead together as we evolve into that Malaysia of love, unity and justice that we have always dreamt off, “where all have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.”

Pusat Komas celebrates this Malaysia Day through films and music, and invites you to join us. The FreedomFilmFest 2015 would be screening short films on issues of Malaysian concerns from 2pm-6pm PJLA, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

We culminate our celebrations with a Concert at 8pm dubbed “This Nation is Ours: A Malaysia for All” jointly organised with Negara-Ku. Malaysian famous artists such as Zainal Abidin, Mohd.

Ito, Nadeera, and JOSS will be taking the stage at the same venue. Tickets can be booked online or at the entrance. Full information can be obtained here

Come let’s celebrate.

Selamat Hari Malaysia.

* Jerald Joseph is a director of Pusat Komas.

** This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.

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