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2021/09/15 Apple’s new iPhone 13 touts faster 5G, sharper cameras to spur trade-ins
2021/09/14 Facebook shields VIPs from some of its rules, says WSJ report
2021/09/14 Apple issues fix for flaw linked to Pegasus spyware
2021/09/12 A Chinese company has revealed its robot-unicorn ... and things are getting serious
2021/09/11 Chinese content platforms pledge self-discipline
2021/09/11 Twitch sues unnamed pair linked to 'hate raids'
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2021/09/10 Apple rejects Epic ‘Fortnite’ request despite S. Korea antitrust law
2021/09/10 DJ Mixes get fairer deal on Apple Music thanks to Shazam tech
2021/09/10 Twitter announces launch of two new tests on its platform
2021/09/09 Google sees the future of work as 'hybrid'
2021/09/09 WhatsApp will soon let you choose who sees your 'Last Seen' status
2021/09/08 Apple’s iPhone 13 launch is happening on Sept 15 (VIDEO)
2021/09/08 On Facebook, fake news gets more clicks than real news, says study
2021/09/07 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5g available for pre-order
2021/09/07 How to access Google Drive files even when offline
2021/09/07 You may no longer have to say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ for certain commands on Google Assistant
2021/09/04 New Israeli innovation hub seeks foodtech ‘revolutions’
2021/09/04 Facebook mistakenly labels black men ‘primates’
2021/09/04 No more bad buzz ― you can finally archive your old tweets!
2021/09/03 Apple announces delay of child protection measures
2021/09/03 TikTok users choose using the social network over watching TV series
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2021/09/02 Twitch video gamers go offline to protest 'hate raids'
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2021/09/01 Instagram wants to know your birthday ― and it's for your own good!
2021/09/01 Telegram reaches one billion downloads