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2021/05/12 Facebook wants to make sure you have read an article before you share it
2021/05/12 Which smartphones have the best battery life?
2021/05/12 You’ll soon be able to share your favourite moment from a podcast on Spotify
2021/05/11 Clubhouse boosts creator content by funding 50 audio shows
2021/05/11 Futuristic computer game hopes to be tonic for climate change anxiety
2021/05/11 Instagram, Twitter blame glitches for deleting Palestinian posts
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2021/05/09 Major US pipeline shut by ransomware attack
2021/05/08 Why everyone should adopt dual authentication for their Google account
2021/05/08 TikTok is still the world's most downloaded app
2021/05/08 WhatsApp delays enforcing new privacy terms
2021/05/07 Honor MagicBook 15 with 11th gen Intel processor, Honor Band 6 now available for pre-order in Malaysia
2021/05/07 Digi announces special offers under Jaringan Prihatin programme
2021/05/07 Twitter shuts down accounts for attempting to evade Trump ban
2021/05/07 Twitter says working on improving its awareness of language nuances
2021/05/07 World Password Day: How to choose a good password manager and why?
2021/05/06 Why is AirAsia introducing its own virtual idol? (VIDEO)
2021/05/06 Apple AirTags feared to be a child safety hazard, pulled from Australian retailer
2021/05/06 Instagram launches automatic captions on its Stories (VIDEO)
2021/05/05 Apple wants iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch users to update their devices now
2021/05/05 Twitter bolsters subscription plans with ad-free news
2021/05/05 Facebook's Workplace tool grows as jobs go remote
2021/05/05 Sony to integrate Discord chat app into PlayStation
2021/05/05 Twitter rolls out Spaces and plans pay-in audio chat rooms
2021/05/04 Twitter’s latest mission? Drumming up followers for local journalists
2021/05/04 Internet of Things: 50 billion connected devices in use worldwide by 2030
2021/05/04 You can now buy the Purple iPhone 12 and 12 mini in Malaysia
2021/05/04 In the US, TikTok wants to highlight its Asian creators in May
2021/05/04 You may soon be able to comment on an exact minute of a YouTube video
2021/05/04 'GTA' roleplay mode is attracting high-profile streamers and causing a stir on Twitch. But what exactly is it?
2021/05/03 Cuban engineers’ dreams take flight with home-grown drones
2021/05/02 Five-year-old kids in Australia will soon have cybersecurity in their school curriculum
2021/05/01 Digi extends free 30GB internet per month to support B40
2021/05/01 Group video calls to launch on Telegram in May
2021/05/01 Mighty: Why pay for a web browser?
2021/05/01 Opensignal: Digi beats Maxis for best download speed and video streaming experience
2021/05/01 Users can now mute video and audio when live on Instagram