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2021/01/21 Ransomware took heavy toll on US in 2020, say researchers
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2021/01/21 You can celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden with a Snapchat filter
2021/01/20 Report: WhatsApp allowed people to Google for private group chats and phone numbers
2021/01/20 Social media faces reckoning as Trump ban forces reset
2021/01/20 TikTok owner ByteDance launches e-payment service
2021/01/20 Alternative operating system Windows 10X is starting to take shape
2021/01/19 Report: Apple testing foldable screen prototypes for upcoming iPhone
2021/01/19 You may soon be able to do your shopping on YouTube
2021/01/19 CES’s 2021 virtual event got less traction on Twitter
2021/01/18 Apple’s Cook says Parler could return to App Store with reforms
2021/01/18 Swiss text sleuths unpick mystery of QAnon origins
2021/01/17 Super fast 5G in the US still a work in progress
2021/01/16 Artificial intelligence spotted on everything (and anything!) at CES 2021
2021/01/16 Why is there such a fuss at the moment about Signal?
2021/01/16 Videogame sales hit US high in pandemic-plagued 2020
2021/01/16 Is music streaming's rise coming at the expense of radio?
2021/01/16 WhatsApp to delay launch of update business features after privacy backlash
2021/01/15 CES 2021: The totally wireless TV that cuts out cables (VIDEO)
2021/01/15 Samsung unveils S21 smartphone lineup, cuts price from last year
2021/01/15 Zapping Covid: Tech sector takes aim at virus with new gadgetry
2021/01/14 Social media giants mishandled Trump, says Wikipedia founder
2021/01/14 CES 2021: Meet Razer's surprising high-tech face mask (VIDEO)
2021/01/14 Google 'experiment' blocks Australian news from local searches
2021/01/14 CES 2021: Gimmick or go-to? The smartphone with a rollable screen (VIDEO)
2021/01/14 Signal sees 'unprecedented' growth after WhatsApp controversy
2021/01/14 Google rolls out fix for issues with Android contact tracing apps
2021/01/14 Parler CEO says social media app, favoured by Trump supporters, may not return
2021/01/13 Google to pause all political ads from tomorrow
2021/01/13 WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals
2021/01/13 Twitch sets new records as the pandemic continues
2021/01/13 Telegram chief reports 25 million new users in three days
2021/01/13 Hogwarts, Humankind, Horizon: 2021’s hottest video games
2021/01/12 CES 2021: A new in-display fingerprint sensor that is faster and more reliable
2021/01/12 Gab benefits from Twitter-less Trump, Parler removal
2021/01/12 Pandemic's robot 'heroes' highlight their value at CES 2021
2021/01/12 What we're betting on in tech for 2021
2021/01/12 Twitter's 'problematic' Trump ban troubles Europe
2021/01/12 CES 2021: When AI meets the TV set
2021/01/12 Massive tech show kicks off as pandemic boosts spending
2021/01/12 Conservative social network Parler sues Amazon over web shutdown
2021/01/12 Facebook to remove content with ‘stop the steal’ phrase
2021/01/11 CES: Digital health in spotlight as Covid-19 pandemic shifts tech show focus
2021/01/11 CES turns up the sound: Technologies that will help us hear, express ourselves and communicate better
2021/01/11 Some lending apps thrive on India’s Google Play despite policy violations
2021/01/10 Major CES gadget show turns to tech for virtual salvation
2021/01/10 Apple suspends Parler social network from its App Store
2021/01/10 Short on alternatives, fans trash Twitter’s Trump ban – on Twitter
2021/01/09 TikTok lets iPhone 12 Pro users ‘hold’ confetti with an AR filter, thanks to the LiDAR scanner (VIDEO)
2021/01/09 Google suspends Parler social networking app from Play Store; Apple gives 24-hour warning