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2020/06/30 Apple’s newest macOS finally brings support for 4K Netflix streaming
2020/06/30 India’s Chinese app ban seen jolting US$1b expansion of ByteDance
2020/06/30 Why are companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Unilever boycotting Facebook?
2020/06/30 ‘Final Fantasy’ co Square Enix spreading announcements over July and August
2020/06/30 Google removes misleading ads in voting-related searches
2020/06/29 Dark mode for Facebook mobile is officially around the corner
2020/06/29 This new retractable keyboard design could slim down Apple’s upcoming MacBook
2020/06/29 Report: Upcoming iPhone 12 might be sold without a charger and EarPods
2020/06/29 Xiaomi Malaysia to introduce two new budget phones with big screen and battery
2020/06/28 Huawei controversy opens field for 5G challengers
2020/06/27 Microsoft to permanently close its retail stores
2020/06/27 Unilever to stop advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in US
2020/06/27 Facebook to ban 'wider category of hateful content' in ads
2020/06/26 Facebook seeks to offer more 'context' on virus posts
2020/06/25 ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ sets Night City Wire time: June 26, 4pm UTC
2020/06/25 Google tightens privacy settings for new users
2020/06/25 Reels: Instagram looks to TikTok for inspiration
2020/06/25 Google Docs can now make make grammar corrections in Spanish
2020/06/24 Acer has a super-rugged laptop contender in the Enduro
2020/06/24 Brazil suspends WhatsApp digital payments
2020/06/24 watchOS 7: Seven things you need to know about the Apple Watch’s new update
2020/06/24 ‘Minecraft’ update fleshes out its dangerous Nether dimension
2020/06/23 What is ‘Hardspace: Shipbreaker’? Space salvage game plays with Zero G deconstruction skills (VIDEO)
2020/06/23 Google adds fact-check to images
2020/06/23 Need for speed: Japan's Fugaku supercomputer is world’s fastest
2020/06/23 Free deal of the week: DC Comics game ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ goes free until June 25
2020/06/23 TikTok joins EU code of conduct on hate speech
2020/06/23 Google launches Keen, Pinterest’s latest competition (VIDEO)
2020/06/23 Logitech announces carbon labelling
2020/06/23 Microsoft ends game streaming, teams up with Facebook
2020/06/23 iOS 14: 11 new features that are coming to your iPhone
2020/06/23 iPadOS 14: Six key improvements for the iPad that you should know
2020/06/23 iOS 14: Which iPhone models are supported?
2020/06/23 Apple switches to its own chips for Mac computers as it adds features, privacy controls
2020/06/23 macOS Big Sur: The top seven features you need to know
2020/06/22 Facial recognition: IT and police in delicate dance
2020/06/21 iOS 14 will include Podcasts app updates to compete with Spotify
2020/06/21 Robots: Allies during virus crisis, enemies later?
2020/06/20 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X to launch around Nov 19, 'Cyberpunk 2077' developer suggests
2020/06/20 New wild west video game ‘Desperados III’ dispatches free tabletop game companion (VIDEO)
2020/06/19 YouTube hit with discrimination suit by black video artists
2020/06/19 Canada to roll out Covid-19 tracing app as cases top 100,000
2020/06/19 'Hey Siri,' shortcut put to use against police abuse
2020/06/19 How to watch EA Play 2020 live and online
2020/06/18 UK ditches Covid-19 app model to use Google-Apple system, says BBC
2020/06/18 Twitter adds option to share spoken tweets
2020/06/18 Massive spying on users of Google's Chrome shows new security weakness
2020/06/18 Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chipset to bring 5G to mid-range smartphones
2020/06/18 Facebook lets users block political ads, aiming to quell outcry
2020/06/17 What to expect from Apple's all-online WWDC 2020