PlayStation giving away ‘Journey’, ‘The Nathan Drake Collection’

Promotional screenshot for 'Journey' (video game). — Afp-Relaaxnews pic
Promotional screenshot for 'Journey' (video game). — Afp-Relaaxnews pic

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LOS ANGELES, Apr 15 —  Journey has the player dressed as an anonymous, cowled, scarf-wearing traveller, waking in what appears to be a desert wilderness and traveling towards a faraway mountain.

Other players may be encountered, communicating through chimed vocalizations, these coincidental pairings helping each other towards a shared final goal.

The game is also available to purchase on PlayStation 3 and PC, with the same studio’s more recent  Sky: Children of the Light  available on iOS and Android with other platforms to follow.

By contrast, The Nathan Drake Collection  comprises the first three core entries to PlayStation’s Uncharted franchise, following the adventures of a charming, risk-taking treasure hunter as he races to find valuable artifacts before less noble interests acquire them first.

(The Nathan Drake Collection is replaced by Knack 2 in Germany and China.)

Both Journey and The Nathan Drake Collection had previously been included as monthly perks for subscription to the PlayStation Plus scheme; Uncharted 4 is part of April 2020’s package, a factoid that could serve to net some extra subscribers over the next fortnight.

With an estimated 27.5 million players, Uncharted 4 is the PlayStation 4’s 13th most popular title and the console’s most popular exclusive, according to estimates from independent tracker Gamstat.

The current giveaway is part of a Play At Home initiative, prompted by the spread of Covid-19.

“We are deeply grateful to everyone practicing physical distancing and take our responsibility as a home entertainment platform seriously, so we are asking our community to continue supporting the safe choice and the need to Play At Home” wrote Jim Ryan, President and CEO of PlayStation parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment.

SIE has also outlined a US$10 million (RM43.40 million) fund to support independent development partners, with further details to be announced.

“Independent developers are vital to the heart and soul of the gaming community and we understand the hardships and financial struggles that many smaller gaming studios are facing,” Ryan wrote.

The promotion begins at 8pm PDT (midnight UK on April 16, 1am Europe) and runs until the same time on May 6 (May 7 UTC+1 and eastward). — Afp-Relaaxnews

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