‘Dead by Daylight Mobile’ to launch worldwide in Spring 2020

‘DBD Mobile’ has been in beta since mid-2019. — Picture courtesy of Behaviour Interactive
‘DBD Mobile’ has been in beta since mid-2019. — Picture courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 28 — Asymmetrical survival horror Dead by Daylight is making a dash for mobile on iOS and Android.

The 4-against-1 console and computer game Dead by Daylight is transplanting its formula to mobile through an official worldwide release due between the beginning of March and end of May.

Typical rounds see a team of four vulnerable individuals scurrying around an environment, engaging in various tasks in an attempt to escape while rescuing each other from the fifth player, who is in the role of a monstrous murderer.

As well as its own original cast, partnerships with well-known slasher movies enabled Dead by Daylight to incorporate characters and scenarios from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Saw, and Evil Dead, as well as a team-up with the Stranger Things TV show, via various paid expansions.

Its Canadian developer, Behaviour Interactive, debuted the game on PC in 2016 and followed up with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions in 2017; a Nintendo Switch version arrived in September 2019.

A region-limited soft launch period had included Australia and the Nordic region — Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland — with this Spring 2020 release to encompass the Americas and European regions, with more to come.

The success of Dead by Daylight was followed by Friday the 13th: The Game in 2017, which used a similar format while licensing a different film property.

Identity V began carving out a similar niche on mobile in 2018. Its publisher, NetEase Games, will also be handling distribution of Dead by Daylight: Mobile in Asia once translation and localization is complete.

Behaviour’s own 2018 release, Deathgarden, added a first-person shooter element to the established formula.

It was met with a mixed response and end-of-life plans were eventually announced in December 2019 as the game went free-to-play.

A pre-registration service for Dead by Daylight: Mobile is available on both Android (via Google Play) and iOS (through mobile.deadbydaylight.com). — AFP-Relaxnews

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