PC download charts: Temtem perches atop Steam's best-seller list (VIDEO)

‘Temtem' launched with an anime-style trailer. ― Picture courtesy of CremaGames via AFP
‘Temtem' launched with an anime-style trailer. ― Picture courtesy of CremaGames via AFP

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 28 ― Having launched on PC ahead of a console release in 2021, innovative Pokémon homage Temtem became the Steam store's biggest seller for the week.

A Lunar Sale levied discounts upon many of the store's most popular titles, but couldn't stop Temtem from becoming Steam's biggest seller at launch.

With a visual style directly inspired by the Pokémon franchise and content that puts new twists on many aspects of traditional Pokémon gameplay, Temtem also offers a massively multiplayer experience ― something the Pokémon franchise has so far chosen to omit.

Despite several server stress tests conducted in the lead up to launch, player demand meant that Temtem struggled to stay online in the immediate aftermath of its release.

As a result, consecutive player counts have been climbing rather than dropping off as online servers have stabilised, with Temtem studio Crema Games squashing bugs and closing loopholes in parallel.

The Early Access release will receive “new content patches including new islands and story content, new Temtem and new features,” Creative Director Guillermo Andrades told Relaxnews during a pre-launch interview.

“Our idea is to be completing the game slowly during the Early Access until we reach a point where we're satisfied with the result and can call it a proper release.”

At that point, Temtem will be ready for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, according to its Kickstarter crowdfunding pitch.

Away from Temtem's carnival of creature collecting, the new-to-PC Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World was also unassailed by Lunar Sale competition, likewise the latest Season Pass for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Steam Top Five for the week ending January 26* (steampowered.com)

1. Temtem

2. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

3. PUBG Survivor Pass Shakedown

4. Grand Theft Auto V

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

* Steam chart based on revenue rather than units. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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