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2020/10/20 Facebook unveils machine learning translator for 100 languages
2020/10/20 Nokia and Nasa to install 4G on the Moon
2020/10/19 Irish regulator probes Facebook’s handling of children’s data on Instagram
2020/10/19 Kaspersky: Parents fear these four effects violent and addictive video games have on kids
2020/10/18 eSports fights cheating bugs, bots and hacks
2020/10/18 2.2 million Facebook and Instagram ads rejected ahead of US vote, says FB
2020/10/16 Twitter CEO says blocking New York Post article without context was wrong
2020/10/16 Google launches new features to help locate nearest voting locations
2020/10/16 Twitter alters policy on hacked content after blocked Biden story
2020/10/16 Instagram agrees to curbs on paid influencers, says UK watchdog
2020/10/16 Twitter service restored following global platform outage
2020/10/16 OnePlus Buds Z: Everything you need to know
2020/10/16 Digi picks ZTE to upgrade its network nationwide to be 5G ready
2020/10/16 YouTube toughens rules for QAnon conspiracy content
2020/10/15 Zoom opens platform for paid events, following Facebook
2020/10/15 No, you haven't won an iPhone 12!
2020/10/14 In China, Apple's 5G iPhone 12 sparks fever-pitch, but divided reaction
2020/10/14 Apple enters 5G race with new iPhone 12 range
2020/10/13 Apple Watch Series 6 and SE available for pre-order in Malaysia this Thursday
2020/10/13 Intel stealthily debuts Core i3-10100F, poised to be the next budget gaming champ
2020/10/13 Facebook to ban Holocaust denial content
2020/10/12 Can't keep track of everything that should be in your handbag? This company wants to help you (VIDEO)
2020/10/11 Deal: Get one-year Tune Talk Unlimited prepaid at RM147 off
2020/10/11 5G iPhone expected to star at Apple event
2020/10/10 Good vibrations: Wearable sends bikers alerts without causing distraction
2020/10/10 Judge won’t force App Store to let Fortnite return
2020/10/10 Chinese app allows small glimpse beyond ‘Great Firewall’
2020/10/10 Celcom offers free unlimited high-speed data tomorrow
2020/10/10 US judge rules Apple could bar Epic Games' 'Fortnite' from App Store
2020/10/09 Mobile games thrive, even as pandemic keeps players home
2020/10/09 PaMu Quiet offers bass-powered sound and comfortable noise-cancelling