A smart litter box is headed to CES

The Caremitou could go on the market in 2020. — Picture courtesy of Novansat via AFP
The Caremitou could go on the market in 2020. — Picture courtesy of Novansat via AFP

PARIS, Dec 16 — French start-up Novansat is preparing to launch the first-ever smart litter box. Christened Caremitou, the device conducts regular urine tests to provide cat owners with daily updates on the health of their pets. Caremitou will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will be held in the US city of Las Vegas, from January 7 to 10, 2020, before going on the market later in the year.

Caremitou is designed to automatically perform daily tests on a cat's urine in order to detect possible chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, etc) or emergencies. The application also reports on the number of times a cat uses the box and on changes to its weight. All of this information is presented in a form that can easily be shared with a veterinarian.

Caremitou, which is a patented medical product, is positioned as a digital health house for cats. It collects urine via a sampling valve that includes a selective sorting system to facilitate error-free analysis. The data is then transmitted to a mobile application via a simple Bluetooth connection. In the event of abnormal test results, a notification is automatically sent to the cat's owner, who can then choose to forward the test results to a veterinarian.

The product has already received a CES Innovation Award, and will be presented at the next CES in Las Vegas before it is launched in France and later in Europe in the course of 2020.

CES will run from January 7 to 10 in Las Vegas. — AFP-Relaxnews

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