YouTube is rolling out its redesigned homepage

A glimpse of the new YouTube homepage — Picture courtesy of Google
A glimpse of the new YouTube homepage — Picture courtesy of Google

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 9 — Google has announced the introduction of numerous changes to the computer and tablet versions of the YouTube homepages. The new features will be progressively deployed, starting on Friday, November 8.

The goal is to allow users to take advantage of the widest possible range of functionalities as soon as they arrive on the site, without necessarily having to go to the dedicated page for a particular video.

In terms of form, video thumbnails will be bigger, and that not only means larger images, but title texts can also be longer if necessary. The thumbnails will also have more features. For example, users will be able to use them to preview videos, or to choose videos to be “added to queue” and watched later. Using this new functionality, you can select a bunch of videos to watch later without interrupting the one you are currently viewing. Another change, albeit a less significant one: the icon of the channel and/or YouTuber will appear under every thumbnail next to the title, so as to better identify the source of every video.

One last innovation, it will soon be possible to delete suggestions for channels that the user does not want to watch. This functionality is already available for mobile but now it is coming to desktop.

Let’s not forget that modifications to the tablet application will also be fully implemented both in Android and iOS.

Thereafter, Google wants to be able to allow users to select the subjects they want to see, so that they can benefit from personalised homepages. — AFP-Relaxnews

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