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2019/09/30 Motorola to reportedly announce foldable smartphone this year
2019/09/30 Google Pixel 4: What to expect from its upcoming gesture controls (VIDEO)
2019/09/29 Russia rolls out the red carpet for Huawei over 5G
2019/09/28 Drones a game changer for emergency responders
2019/09/28 Malaysian photographers push limits of iPhone 11 Pro photography
2019/09/28 Huawei Mate 30 is launching in Malaysia next week
2019/09/27 OnePlus launches latest flagship handset — OnePlus 7T
2019/09/27 OnePlus finally reveals its smart TV in full (VIDEO)
2019/09/27 Code War: Myanmar’s final digital battle ends
2019/09/27 Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max now officially available in Malaysia
2019/09/27 Facebook hides ‘likes’ in Australia trial to ease anxiety
2019/09/27 Classic FPS ‘Medal of Honor’ making VR comeback
2019/09/27 ‘PUBG’ expanding free version from mobile to PC
2019/09/27 Anker launches 5 new sets of truly wireless headphones
2019/09/26 Amazon’s new Echo Glow nightlight is a ball of colour-changing light
2019/09/26 Google steps up battle on ‘deepfakes’ with data release
2019/09/26 Researchers say viral visuals driving social media manipulation on YouTube, Instagram
2019/09/26 More chores for Amazon’s Alexa, and a new (celebrity) voice
2019/09/26 Amazon digital assistant Alexa gets into your head
2019/09/26 US hits dating operator over 'fake love interest' messages
2019/09/26 Facebook unveils virtual social space for its Oculus users
2019/09/25 Apple 13.1 corrects anatomy of emoji octopus, squid, mosquito
2019/09/25 Study: 60pc of major US firms have been hacked in cloud
2019/09/25 ‘Mario Kart Tour’ reveals monthly Gold Pass plan (VIDEO)
2019/09/25 Samsung announces a 43.7MP image sensor with ‘smallest’ pixels to date
2019/09/25 Amazon launches initiative to bundle virtual assistants on single device
2019/09/25 Messaging app Kik to shut down amid cryptocurrency battle
2019/09/25 Ikea's Place app now lets users digitally furnish an entire space in augmented reality
2019/09/24 Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha is nearly 200pc screen (VIDEO)
2019/09/24 There’s already a security update for iOS 13
2019/09/24 PlayStation, Xbox, game industry notables make carbon footprint commitments
2019/09/24 Google wins EU fight against ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide
2019/09/24 Nintendo’s Mario takes driving seat in race for mobile hit
2019/09/24 PC download charts: Gear up for ‘Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’, discover ‘Crying Suns’
2019/09/24 How ‘that Versace dress’ inspired the creation of Google Images 18 years ago
2019/09/24 Google launches subscription service for select apps and games
2019/09/24 Tech group to revamp in fight against online extremist content
2019/09/24 Amazon smart display 'eyes' aid visually impaired
2019/09/24 Google promises to better protect user privacy
2019/09/23 Japan roboticists predict rise of the machines
2019/09/23 ROG Phone II is launching in Malaysia on Oct 16 (VIDEO)
2019/09/23 U Mobile to offer eSIM this week
2019/09/22 Digital threats multiply ahead of 2020 US elections
2019/09/22 Thousands of Swiss protest 5G wireless over health fears
2019/09/21 Don’t miss these five new trailers: ‘Later Alligator,’ ‘Football Drama,’ ‘Groundhog Day’ VR, ‘Little Misfortune,’ ‘AI: The Somnium Files’
2019/09/21 Tinder users get ‘apocalyptic’ reality show on date experience
2019/09/21 The Vivo V17 Pro gets two pop-up cameras
2019/09/21 Bowers & Wilkins launches new collection of P-Series headphones
2019/09/21 Google begins official testing for Maps Incognito Mode
2019/09/21 Unifi Air devices out of stock due to overwhelming demand