Adventurous 'Doggone' joins pack of upcoming canine capers

'Doggone' is to chart a pet's grand journey back to its human family. I— Image courtesy of Raconteur Games via AFP
'Doggone' is to chart a pet's grand journey back to its human family. I— Image courtesy of Raconteur Games via AFP

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21 — A game about a lost dog going through thick and thin to find its owner, Doggone has launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure its 2020 completion and, in doing so, joins Pupperazzi, Home Free and Lost and Found among upcoming games about humanity's oldest animal friend.

Play Doggone when it releases and you'll be sniffing, scrabbling, barking and, “for no reason other than you are a dog,” rolling around on the floor as you make your way back to your human family.

Despite a roller coaster of emotions, environments, and excitement, developer Raconteur Games assures players of a happy ending for the side-view, three-episode adventure currently on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Raconteur already has a couple of published games under its belt by way of space shooter Close Order (PC), stress-relief experience "Embrace the Void" (PC), and neighbourhood exploration story Evangeline (PC, PC VR, and Xbox One).

Its staff, distributed across Louisiana, California, Washington and New Jersey in the US, with others in southern Sweden and London, UK, have built up an impressive collective resumé that includes everything from the world's biggest computer game in League of Legends to indie hits Battlerite, InnerSpace, Thimbleweed Park and Moss.

Should Doggone make it to an initial crowdfunding target of US$100,000 (RM410,756) by August 16, 2019, its team will then work towards the release of Episode I by March 2020. That in turn will fund the development of episodes II (mid-2020) and III (late 2020), with weekly and monthly challenges to be added in between.

A basic US$15 backer tier nets the complete game via distribution service Steam, as episodes release, with higher tiers including soundtrack options (US$25+), backer-exlusive outfits for the plucky pup (US$45+), a digital art book (US$75+) and so on.

Doggone joins a number of other dog-oriented video games currently in development — swift camera snapping Pupperazzi, city navigation jape Home Free, and sight-and-sound experience Lost and Found. — AFP-Relaxnews

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