‘Aquapark’, ‘Touch the Wall’ and ‘Polysphere’ woo mobile players worldwide

iTunes artwork for ‘Polysphere’ as shared by Playgendary Games. — AFP pic
iTunes artwork for ‘Polysphere’ as shared by Playgendary Games. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, July 5 — Aquapark takes a dream-state waterslide to (near) infinity, Touch the Wall remixes a childhood playground game, and Polysphere makes fractured shapes whole with a gradual change of perspective. Check out these top apps for iOS and Android.

Aquapark.io (iOS, Android)

This simple waterslide game has been maintaining momentum since the start of June and is currently the top or nearly top overall iPhone download in numerous regions, including the US, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Australia, Korea and Japan.

Though there’s not yet a true multiplayer mode — the app controls other racers — and it’s often criticised for being too easy, both aspects work in Aquapark’s favour.

Players slip down a ludicrously long slide in a slippery sprint to a plunge pool far below.

Not only can they bump other racers off the slide, they can leave the winding slope’s shallow confines and glide through the air, as if in a lucid dream, to land further down the course.

Daring racers may even try to find the ultimate sequence of shortcuts from beginning to end.

Touch the Wall (iOS, Android)

Touch the Wall is inspired by children’s game “What time is it?” or Grandma’s Footsteps and adds an obstacle course component.

Swinging pendulums, cannonballs, giant hammers, punching hands and all manner of obstructions combine with the watchful gaze of the “Wolf” or “Fox” to slow or reset progress.

Now entering its second week, Touch the Wall is notching all-category top 10 iPhone chart appearances in the US, Canada, and Australia after debuting a week ago on iOS; it’s also available on Android having launched there, just like Aquapark.io, over the past few days.

Polysphere (iOS, Android)

A relaxing puzzle game all about changing your perspective until what you see makes sense — here, in a beautiful and colourful manner.

This recent hit has been around a bit longer than Aquapark and Touch the Wall, since late 2018 in fact, but only over the last week has it soared into the overall top 100 as one of the fastest-rising free games on Google Play for Android (in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore) and up into the top 10 iPhone game downloads over the past few days in the US, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. — AFP-Relaxnews

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