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2019/06/29 Five things to know about the selfie economy
2019/06/29 Asus Malaysia makes a splash with latest gaming laptops
2019/06/29 Acer’s new ultra-thin laptop weighs less than 900g, and is now available in Malaysia
2019/06/29 ‘DeepNude’ app to ‘undress’ women shut down after furor
2019/06/29 'Tetris Royale' targets 100-player intensity on mobile in 2019
2019/06/28 Google appears to have leveraged Android dominance, says India watchdog
2019/06/28 Huawei says sold 10 million P30 devices in 85 days despite US ban
2019/06/28 Apple Music hits more than 60 million subscribers, trailing Spotify
2019/06/28 Consider these five 'Hidden Gems' during the annual Stream sale (VIDEO)
2019/06/28 Apple design chief, Steve Jobs' confidant Jony Ive, to leave and start own firm
2019/06/28 Oppo unveils first under-screen front camera at MWC Shanghai
2019/06/28 Game-oriented Twitch TV rolls out subscriber-only streams
2019/06/28 No hub required: These smart bulbs now connect to your phone via Bluetooth
2019/06/27 S. Koreans get 5G service in ‘scariest place’ on N. Korea border
2019/06/27 Acer releases RM15,999 convertible laptop along with other updates
2019/06/27 ‘Deepfakes’ pose conundrum for Facebook, says Zuckerberg
2019/06/27 Xiaomi CEO reveals photos of its new CC9 smartphone for youths
2019/06/27 Vivo debuts AR glasses in Shanghai
2019/06/27 Annual Steam Sale begins, encourages players to play their games
2019/06/27 Facebook’s Instagram expands ads to Explore feeds
2019/06/27 ‘PUBG’ developing a story-based game (VIDEO)
2019/06/26 Garmin introduces its premium MARQ smart tool watches for South-east Asia (VIDEO)
2019/06/26 Samsung unveils new SmartThings equipment for the smart home
2019/06/26 Osmo launches iPad learning kit for three-year-olds (VIDEO)
2019/06/26 New-gen Raspberry Pi out now from US$35 (VIDEO)
2019/06/26 Instagram chief insists it doesn't spy on users
2019/06/25 Soon, you can use Grab to book rides anywhere in the world
2019/06/25 Here’s how you can download the iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina public betas
2019/06/25 Microsoft’s rumoured folding Surface will run Window 10 and Android apps
2019/06/25 Online game helps fight the spread of fake news, study says
2019/06/25 Apple says it collects fee on less than 1pc of Spotify users
2019/06/25 'Fortnite' begins 14 Days of Summer event, find out what's involved (VIDEO)
2019/06/24 ‘NBA 2K19’ alarms players with compulsory ads
2019/06/24 Pokemon GO-style Harry Potter game is now live in Malaysia (VIDEO)
2019/06/24 Indonesian ulama council in Aceh declares PUBG as ‘haram’ but do video games promote violence?
2019/06/24 Huawei’s Kirin 810 processor is superior to the Snapdragon 730 according to Antutu
2019/06/24 Xiaomi to introduce new flagship for youths, no new Mi Max and Mi Note this year
2019/06/23 ‘Dota Underlords’, the quirky new game from massive ‘Dota 2’ studio Valve
2019/06/23 ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ game now live in Malaysia
2019/06/23 Senegal shines in showcase for female tech innovation
2019/06/22 Malaysian company develops first digital business card (VIDEO)
2019/06/22 Philippine telco to roll out Huawei-backed 5G service
2019/06/22 Huawei unveils three new devices despite unpredictable future
2019/06/21 Google discontinues tablet development in favour of laptops
2019/06/21 ‘Mario Royale’ brings battle royale to Nintendo icon, however shortlived (VIDEO)
2019/06/21 Netflix experiments with phone vibration feature to enhance viewing experiences
2019/06/21 Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is reportedly ‘ready to launch’
2019/06/21 Batteries in older generation MacBooks may be prone to overheating, Apple issues recall
2019/06/21 You can now get the official Xiaomi Mi Band 4 directly from China
2019/06/21 Microsoft partners with Kano to launch a build-your-own PC (VIDEO)