Huawei and Gentle Monster developing sleek smart glasses (VIDEO)

Huawei announces first pair of smart glasses. — Huawei Mobile/Twitter pic via AFP-Relaxnews
Huawei announces first pair of smart glasses. — Huawei Mobile/Twitter pic via AFP-Relaxnews

PARIS, March 27 — Though company after company has tried to make smart glasses a practical and functional asset to the everyday life of an individual, no designs have succeeded in the market yet.

Huawei, however, announced in Paris yesterday that it is working with Gentle Monster eyewear to create a set of intelligent specs that are stylish and practical and have a respectable battery life.

At yesterday’s launch event for Huawei’s latest flagship smartphones, the company also announced a handful of non-phone devices and, among that small collection, you’ll find a set of stylish smart glasses made in collaboration with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster.

These specs look quite similar to Canadian-based company North’s Focals, which hit the market earlier this year.

Both look like, well, actual glasses, unlike both generations of Snapchat’s Spectacles and Google’s Google Glass.

Like Focals, most of the power and intelligent hardware is stored inside the glasses’ arms near the temple, and neither have cameras.

By just tapping on one of the sides (there are no buttons on the model), you’ll be able to answer calls and, also like North’s design, the Huawei smart glasses will provide the wearer with access to a voice assistant.

The 2,200mAh battery is wirelessly rechargeable by simply placing the glasses in a USB-C-compatible complementary case.

Though glasses don’t have an official name yet, they’re expected to launch early this summer.

Based on the presentation in Paris yesterday, it looks like several styles will be available both in tinted and transparent lens options.

With Focals starting at US$599 (RM2,445), you can expect the Huawei specs to be pretty spendy as well. — AFP-Relaxnews

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