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2019/03/31 AmbikKau, the first AI-powered social site in Malaysia
2019/03/31 Cellphone apps fight Africa's sexual taboos
2019/03/30 Huawei P30 Pro appears on Lazada Malaysia
2019/03/30 Amazon lets Alexa’s skills be customised for individual businesses
2019/03/30 Apple pulls plug on AirPower wireless charging mat
2019/03/30 Facebook to tighten live stream access after mosque attacks
2019/03/30 ‘Borderlands 3’ debut trailer — five key takeaways (VIDEO)
2019/03/30 More leaks confirm that Apple’s next iPhone may come with rear triple-camera setup
2019/03/29 Oppo seems to opt for strangest sliding mechanism yet to eliminate notch
2019/03/29 Honor 10i with a triple-camera setup is coming to Malaysia very soon
2019/03/29 Xiaomi Mi 9 Malaysian launch is happening next week (VIDEO)
2019/03/29 Twitter considers tagging rule-breaking Trump tweets
2019/03/29 The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds are available in Malaysia next week (VIDEO)
2019/03/29 Celcom now offers eSIM for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max
2019/03/29 The Huawei P30 can support wireless charging but you’ll need to buy this accessory
2019/03/29 ‘Borderlands 3’ teaser drops day before presentation (VIDEO)
2019/03/29 Facebook tightens rules on political ads ahead of EU vote
2019/03/29 Google barred from LGBT+ equality index over ‘life-threatening’ app
2019/03/29 Samsung publishes behind-the-scenes video of Galaxy Fold in testing (VIDEO)
2019/03/29 Samsung’s new entry-level Galaxy A10 and A20 have arrived in Malaysia
2019/03/29 Facebook expands dating service to Mexico and Argentina
2019/03/29 New ‘Legend of Zelda’: Nintendo sticking with ‘Breath of the Wild’ partner
2019/03/29 Electrocardiogram on the Apple Watch 4 finally unlocked in Europe, Hong Kong
2019/03/29 Spotify testing subscription plan for two
2019/03/28 AI revolutionaries from Facebook, Google win ‘Nobel Prize’ of computing
2019/03/28 Ethical question takes centre stage at Silicon Valley summit on artificial intelligence
2019/03/28 MetaFly, the drone that flies like a butterfly
2019/03/28 Two new Nintendo Switch models planned for 2019
2019/03/28 Facebook bans white nationalism, white separatism on its platforms
2019/03/27 Huawei and Gentle Monster developing sleek smart glasses (VIDEO)
2019/03/27 Viral tweet pranks users into locking their Twitter accounts
2019/03/27 Public concern over privacy pushes tech industry to change
2019/03/27 Unifi rolls out TDD-LTE Massive MIMO as an alternative solution for Streamyx
2019/03/27 Huawei unveils P30, P30 Pro flagship smartphones
2019/03/27 Telegram lets users delete messages from both sides of a chat
2019/03/27 Apple AirPower release reportedly imminent
2019/03/27 Google launches global council to advise on AI and tech ethics
2019/03/26 EU demands scrutiny of 5G risks but no bloc-wide Huawei ban
2019/03/26 Asus pushed malware on thousands of computers, says Kaspersky
2019/03/26 US eyeing 5G solutions with Huawei rivals Ericsson and Nokia, official says
2019/03/26 This is what early bird Huawei P30 customers are getting in Malaysia
2019/03/26 WhatsApp, GoFundMe, Google fight against fake news
2019/03/26 Studios behind ‘PUBG Mobile,’ ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ unveil new games (VIDEO)
2019/03/26 Apple Arcade: Here’s what we know so far (VIDEO)
2019/03/26 Apple Pay gets physical with a titanium credit card (VIDEO)
2019/03/26 PlayStation, Xbox to debut separate new video series
2019/03/26 ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’ goes free for one day
2019/03/26 Will Apple win over Malaysians with its ‘one Store to rule them all’ strategy?
2019/03/26 Pixel 4 and 4 XL: What we know so far
2019/03/26 Samsung takes pole position in 5G smartphone market