Alexa get integrated into fresh new products at CES 2019 (VIDEO)

The Numi Intelligent toilet, Kohler's most advanced toilet. ― AFP pic
The Numi Intelligent toilet, Kohler's most advanced toilet. ― AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 9 ― Temi, Roland, and Kohler are adding Alexa to their products this year which means that soon, your telepresence robot, electric keyboard, and toilet will respond to your voice, too!

Why just connect Alexa to your smartphone and home appliances when your robot alter ego, musical instruments and toilet can also benefit from the technology? We look at three of the brands debuting their newly voice assistant-compatible devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Temi by Temi

Have you ever wanted (or needed) to be two places at once? Well, the Temi telepresence home robot allows you to do just that and on Monday, the company announced that your robot doppelganger will soon be able to support Amazon's Alexa. Before the voice assistant integration, the robot could already do things like play music, videos, and manage other typical tablet capabilities while navigating around your home. And now the 10-inch screen will be able to function essentially like an Echo Show as soon as Amazon rolls out its Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK.

Temi the personal robot is available now for US$1,499 (RM6,171).

GO:PIANO digital piano by Roland

With the GO:PIANO's new Alexa integration, instrumentalists will be able to control their keyboard using only their voice without ever having to stop playing. Additionally, Alexa opens up the door to a wide range of cloud-based functions like sharing recorded personal performances and benefitting from libraries of play-along music. Roland promised that the Alexa addition will continue to be updated and expanded to select instruments.

The GO:PIANO is available now around US$290, depending on where you purchase. The company did not specify whether the price will increase for the Alexa-integrated version.

Numi intelligent toilet by Kohler

It was only a matter of time before a voice and app-controlled toilet happened, and sure enough, Kohler has connected Kohler Konnect to its Numi intelligent toilet. According to the company, this throne is Kohler's “most advanced toilet” and for good reason. In addition to being controlled by its complementary smartphone app or touch pad, you can vocally tell it what you would like it to do, using Verdera Voice, whether that is play music or activate the foot warmer. This john will even automatically open, flush, and close without you having to lift a finger. The connected toilet can also be set up as an Alexa speaker in order to access a personalised playlist of songs.

The Numi intelligent toilet is available for US$8,000. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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