Xiaomi president teases world's first 48MP smartphone camera

Lin Bin teases next Xiaomi smartphone. — Picture courtesy of Xiaomi via AFP
Lin Bin teases next Xiaomi smartphone. — Picture courtesy of Xiaomi via AFP

BEIJING, Dec 7 — Xiaomi president Lin Bin posted a teaser of the company's next smartphone on Weibo this week, revealing its 48MP camera.

Weibo seems to be the place for Chinese tech executives to tease their upcoming devices: Huawei has been teasing the Nova 4 release, Lenovo showed off its flexible smartphone, and now Xiaomi's president is teasing the company's next phone by posting a close-up image of rear side on the site.

Lin Bin took a picture with his own Mi Mix 3 of what appears to be the top left-hand corner of the phone's rear — based on the visible position of the volume control button.

The image reveals the phone's black finish, dual-flash, about half of the lens, and vertically positioned text that reads, “48MP CAMERA.” The caption accompanying the photograph tells us Bin has been enjoying using the device for a couple weeks and that it will be released next month.

A 48MP camera on a smartphone would be a world first. The newest iPhone and Samsung flagship devices both have 12MP rear cameras, while the best lens from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is 40MP.

When it comes down to it, the amount of megapixels isn't a significant number if the sensors are not finely tuned, and we don't yet know anything about those on this device. If the sensor is on point, the phone could put out some impressively detailed photos under extreme zooms.

Until we find out more specs, there's not much more we can predict about the device. — AFP-Relaxnews

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