Repair your own phone with Motorola’s iFixit kit

Motorola now supplies repair parts directly to iFixIt. — AFP pic
Motorola now supplies repair parts directly to iFixIt. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, Oct 24 — This week iFixIt announced a partnership with Motorola to provide the phone company with repair and replacement part supplies for customers to fix devices themselves.

When your car breaks down, you fix it. When your sink is clogged, you fix it. So, when your phone cracks, why is it frowned upon to take the screen replacement into your own hands? Motorola in partnership with iFixIt now offers not only the tools for you to repair your phone yourself, but also replacement parts for nearly all Motorola phone models including new batteries, cameras, front screens, and even speakers to bring the handyman attitude to the mobile industry, too.

iFixIt is a wiki-based site built by users’ knowhow inspired by the team’s original freely-provided repair instructions uploaded years ago. Since 2003, instructions and entire repair manuals have been added by the founders and users alike, providing the public with the tools they need to repair their mobile devices themselves. Directly through the site, you can purchase replacement parts for phones, tablets, and computers and the tools necessary to do-it-yourself.

Motorola is the first smartphone manufacturer to directly supply iFixIt with isolated parts just for at-home repair purposes. With easier access to parts, “people are equipped to fix their broken devices — and more fixing means less e-waste,” which is a major driving force behind the company.

With the cost of repairs rising with the advancement of mobile technology, at-home repairs are a necessary option for many customers who can’t afford to spend US$169 (RM703) to have their out-of-warranty iPhone 8 Plus screen repaired. IFixIt provides the screen for just US$79.99 or US$84.99 with the tool kit. You’re in even better luck if you have a Motorola phone — parts, which come directly from the manufacturer, are guaranteed to be available. — AFP-Relaxnews

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