Which of the latest fitness trackers would best suit your needs?

The new Fitbit Charge 3. — AFP pic
The new Fitbit Charge 3. — AFP pic

BERLIN, Sept 4 — While many of the latest fitness trackers, on display now at international tech show IFA in Berlin, have similar sensors and features, they cater to different groups of health-conscious individuals who are looking to track their swimming workout, better monitor their stress or provide valuable information on trail expeditions.

For those keen on tracking their health and fitness, the good news is that most of the latest wearables will be able to give a user’s heart rate, calculate calories burned during various workout modes, map out the morning run and pay for the coffee on the way back.

That said, a few newbies — from Fitbit, Garmin and Casio — are bringing something extra to gym-goers, hiking fanatics, swimmers and those striving for a healthy life balance.

Fitbit Charge 3 ($149.95 or RM620.20) is a sportsband for those who like to break a sweat, especially in a pool. This latest addition to the popular fitness tracker series now comes with more exercise modes, a swim-proof design, “seven day battery & insights” and a few smartwatch-style features.

The brand also has plenty of new health apps in the pipelines, including hydration, sleep and weight tracking, as well as a period/ovulation app for females and the ability to detect a pause during workouts. The smart features allow users to see an incoming call or text, calendar or app notifications — such as Facebook or Uber — and soon Android users will be able to respond with a pre-formulated or custom quick reply.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 (US$129.99) is what you’d call a fitness band, however its latest features also make it a gadget for stressed-out professionals looking for better life balance. Now featuring a wrist-based a blood oxygen sensor — Pulse-Ox — this wearable will tell you if you’re ready for a workout, or if more rest is required. It also monitors light, deep and REM sleep stages, giving users a review of their night the next day in their smartphone app. And the ‘all-day stress tracking’ will let users know if they need a moment to breathe and relax. Slim and lightweight with a small display, this is a wearable for a more casual user simply wanting to survey daily activities, check the weather, play music and be made aware of some updates. Android users will also have the option to send quick replies.

Casio Pro Trek WSD-30 (approx US$550) is designed for adventure seekers and hikers with its offline maps, power reserve mode, GPS log recording for up to three days. Robust and waterproof, with a circular monochrome display, the Pro Trek WSD-30 looks like a sporty smartwatch able to display the time, while also discreetly showing atmospheric pressure/altitude and compass bearing. — AFP-Relaxnews

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