Segway Loomo: Personal robot meets hoverboard

Loomo Go is a delivery robot for the enterprise market. — Handout via AFP
Loomo Go is a delivery robot for the enterprise market. — Handout via AFP

LAS VEGAS, Jan 16 — What looked like a gimmick at CES 2016 has now turned into one of the most talked-about robots at CES 2018. Presented by Segway, this two-wheeled ride-on is so much more than just a hoverboard, it’s Loomo, an on-the-go companion that can take you or your groceries for a ride. 

The target market for Loomo isn’t very clear, however it’s safe to say that the future customers will most likely be interested in a hoverboard, or a robot or even a pet. Loomo has been designed to function smoothly on various outdoor terrains, such as grass or bumpy sidewalks and will perform tasks when it senses certain gestures.

Say “Loomo transform” and the robot’s face swivels and looks up at you, and, if nothing is said, this friendly pet hoverboard will go explore its surroundings or interact with other Loomo robots, much like dogs at a park.

Apart from attracting an audience, Loomo does have some practical features, such as taking photos or videos with its 1080p video camera, and with the help of the app, this Segway robot can be taught to repeat phrases. Other tech specs include a quad-core Intel Atom Z8750 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. And on a single charge, Loomo can travel up to 11mph for 18 miles.

Segway has also announced the Loomo Go for businesses that could benefit from an indoor delivery robot. Neither product is available just yet and no prices have been given, although speculations suggest anywhere between US$1,000-2,000. — AFP-Relaxnews

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