Tempo wearable tracks seniors’ health

Tempo by CarePredict — AFP pic
Tempo by CarePredict — AFP pic

TALLAHASSEE, Aug 18 — Florida-based start-up company CarePredict has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its wearable tracker called Tempo, dedicated to tracking the daily patterns of seniors and alerting their loved ones if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Reflecting a growing trend of caring for aging parents unassisted, Tempo monitors motion and is capable of detecting when motion slows in the general sense, reflecting a possible illness or an impending age-related disability.

It also tracks activities such as cooking, watching TV, bathing, eating,and sleeping and it recognizes when habits go awry and alerts loved ones by email, SMS or an alert on the accompanying app that perhaps a phone call to mom or dad is in order to see how they’re doing.

The CarePredict team notes on its crowdfunding page that a change in routine habits can indicate the onset of a range of problems the elderly face.

For example, cooking less often can indicate that quality of life is fading, and a person who goes from the bed to the bathroom and back to the bed in the morning might be falling ill.

The wearable connects to room beacons to help monitor motion and a central communications hub that transmit data via Bluetooth to the corresponding app.

CarePredict says it has patents on file in the US, Korea, France and Canada and plans to file additional patents before the year ends.

Although the product is geared towards individual families, it is possible for use in assisted-living facilities and CarePredict notes on its crowdfunding page that several have expressed interest.

Tempo is available for pre order at US$149 (RM480) for a package that includes one wearable device and at US$269 for a package that contains two.

Founder and CEO Satish Movva says in a comment on the crowdfunding page that they expect to ship the product by late fall of this year. — AFP/Relaxnews

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