Google Maps is world’s most used app

Google Maps is the world’s most popular app.
Google Maps is the world’s most popular app.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 7 — According to newly released data recorded over the second quarter of 2013, Google Maps is the most-used smartphone app in the world.

The data, collected and correlated by digital media agency GlobalWebIndex, shows the most popular apps by usage among the world’s 969.49 million smartphone users over the second quarter of 2013. 

According to the findings, Google Maps was at the very head of the top ten most actively used smartphone apps with 54 per cent of smartphone users having accessed it in the period of the survey. Coming in second was the Facebook app, which 44 per cent of smartphone users accessed; 35 per cent went on YouTube via the app; and, in fourth position was the Google+ mobile app, used by 30 per cent.

Skype came in lower down the list, being used by 22 per cent of smartphone owners, the same percentage which accessed Facebook Messenger.

According to GlobalWebIndex the top ten most accessed apps by percentage of the world’s smartphone owners are as follows:

1.   Google Maps — 54 per cent

2.   Facebook — 44 per cent

3.   YouTube — 35 per cent

4.   Google+ — 30 per cent

5.   Weixin/WeChat — 27 per cent

6.   Twitter — 22 per cent

7.   Skype — 22 per cent

8.   Facebook Messenger — 22 per cent

9.   Whatsapp — 17 per cent

10.   Instagram — 11 per cent — AFP/Relaxnews

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