Kafa appoints Sathit Bensoh Kelantan head coach

KOTA BARU, Dec 7 — Kelantan acting head coach Sathit Bensoh has been appointed as head coach of the The Red Warriors (TRW) squad for the Malaysian League (M-League) next season.

Kelantan Football Association president (Kafa) Bibi Ramjani Ilias Khan said Sathit will be assisted by former Felcra FC head coach Yusri Che Lah.

“We give Sathit Bensoh a chance to prove himself. He promised to deliver in three or four games and if he failed, he would be willing to resign,” she said when contacted, here today.

Accordingly, Kafa decided against hiring Thomas Trucha from Czech Republic as head coach. — Bernama

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