Football fans score big

Fans taking to Twitter to call for FAM president's resignation
Fans taking to Twitter to call for FAM president's resignation

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — Football fans took their demand for the resignation of FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah on Twitter Monday night.

They scored full points after the hashtag #PresidenFAMsilaletakjawatan (FAM president, please step down) took the top spot on topics trending in the country. It even topped the globally trending #CelebritiesIWantToSeeNaked yesterday morning.

Ironically, there were no tweets from the group’s official Twitter account @PFSLJ yesterday.

PFSLJ member Alfadli Awaluddin was surprised with the response they received.

“I didn’t know it was trending until yesterday morning. I was surprised but later figured it was what everyone wanted.”

“We are not an official movement but I am glad it was well received by many. We hope there would be changes in FAM as we don’t plan to only make waves on social media.

He said the hashtag was created months ago but he did not expect it to go so far.

“The group was formed in 2009 after we won the SEA Games in Jakarta. This shows we are not being bitter about losing. We want Malaysia to be a formidable side in Asia as well, not just this region.”

Pahang’s spin off of national football fan group Ultras Malaya, The Elephant Army (@ElephantArmy) tweeted: “Kami sanjung Tuanku sebagai Sultan kami yang kami sangat sayangi. Tapi sebagai Presiden FAM, kami mohon tuanku letak jawatan” (We look up to His Royal Highness as our Sultan who we love. But as the FAM President, we plead Tuanku’s resignation).

Haziq Asyraf Jr @Haziq_BOSS tweeted: FAM 1984-2013: Seorang Presiden,Setiausaha Agung 8 orang, Setiausaha Agung 8 orang, Jurulatih 21 orang #PresidenFAMSilaLetakJawatan #PFSLJ. (One president, eight general-secretaries, 21 coaches)

Another fan KEEEN @CHKen_2 tweeted: #PresidenFAMsilaletakjawatan Like seriously, just quit. Stop destroying our nation’s football while Muhammad Hafiz Rayyan @HafizRayyan tweeted: We stand, we shout, we proud! We are Malaysians! Selamat Malam #PresidenFAMsilaletakjawatan

Meanwhile, FAM general-secretary Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin refused to elaborate on the topic but said “the fans have their right to voice their grouses on Twitter or Facebook”.

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