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2021/05/12 Zombies hit Las Vegas in Zack Snyder heist movie ‘Army of the Dead’
2021/05/12 Posthumous DMX album set for release May 28
2021/05/12 Forty years on, Bob Marley’s rich legacy thrives
2021/05/12 ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Lion King,’ ‘Wicked’ announce Broadway is back
2021/05/12 Dua Lipa wins British Album of the Year in female-dominated Brit Awards
2021/05/11 K-pop singer Sehun of EXO shocks fans after saying he gets up to 100 phone calls from stalkers daily
2021/05/11 Chinese actress Gao Liu to have more surgeries for wounded nose caused by botched plastic surgery
2021/05/11 Return of ‘Bennifer’? JLo and Ben Affleck reportedly rekindling old flames 17 years after break-up
2021/05/11 Actress Scha Elinnea denies having a sugar daddy after buying Mercedes-Benz she’s been saving up for since 15
2021/05/11 Zack Snyder explains why it took 12 years to make his zombie heist film ‘Army of the Dead’ (VIDEO)
2021/05/11 Emily in Paris,’ ‘After Life,’ ‘The Morning Show’... The TV series currently filming (VIDEO)
2021/05/11 Berlin film fest says safe to hold June outdoor edition
2021/05/11 NBC drops 2022 Golden Globes; Tom Cruise returns trophies
2021/05/10 Malaysian actress Fiza Halim opens up about third divorce that was done through WhatsApp
2021/05/10 After controversies, no winners for China’s ‘Youth With You 3’ as producers cancel finals
2021/05/10 Rock star Awie ready to pay any fine after getting caught flouting Covid-19 SOPs at Melaka event
2021/05/10 Actresses Nora Danish, Tiz Zaqyah test positive for Covid-19
2021/05/10 US box office: Jason Statham’s ‘Wrath of Man’ debuts at No. 1 with US$8m
2021/05/10 Elon Musk says he is first SNL host with Asperger’s syndrome
2021/05/09 Obama’s dog Bo, a star of the White House, dies
2021/05/09 Afrobeats put Ghana back on international music scene
2021/05/08 The music festival refusing to bow to Covid-19
2021/05/08 J Balvin, a superstar grappling with fame's social responsibility
2021/05/07 Monsta to produce Raya specials for ‘BoBoiBoy’, ‘Papa Pipi’ fans
2021/05/07 Theatre-maker Jo Kukathas is working on a book inspired by her cats
2021/05/07 Ed Sheeran to sponsor Ipswich shirt next season
2021/05/07 Coldplay beam up new single ‘Higher Power’ to space
2021/05/07 Childish Gambino sued for alleged ‘This Is America’ copyright infringement
2021/05/07 Golden Globes voters approve sweeping reforms after racism row
2021/05/06 Neelofa and hubby reportedly splurged RM10,000 on Persian rugs during Nilai shopping spree
2021/05/06 PU Amin ‘scared to take pictures’ after controversial photo with ‘sexy’ influencers went viral
2021/05/06 Comedian Lan Pet Pet claims he was provoked after video of scuffle with food delivery rider goes viral
2021/05/06 Inside the cut-throat battle to build K-pop’s next superstars
2021/05/06 Broadway to light up again in September when shows are set to return
2021/05/05 Malaysian singer Wany Hasrita mortified after photograph was used in sexually explicit viral video
2021/05/05 Siti Nurhaliza criticised for saying she's getting 'free pahala’ after SOP controversy
2021/05/05 Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, former badminton champion father Prakash test positive for Covid-19
2021/05/05 Lily James, Emily Beecham star in BBC relevant and funny costume drama for modern women (VIDEO)
2021/05/05 Billie Eilish to headline 2021 Governors Ball
2021/05/05 ‘Youth With You 3’ frontrunner contestant Tony Yu Jingtian withdraws from reality show following controversies
2021/05/05 Britney Spears calls recent documentaries about her 'hypocritical'
2021/05/05 Billboard: Red Hot Chili Peppers sell song catalogue for US$140m
2021/05/04 Twitter bans Indian actress for violating hate and abuse rules
2021/05/04 Conan O’Brien to put his eponymous late night show to bed on June 24
2021/05/04 WandaVision to Nomadland: 10 exciting Disney+ Hotstar titles awaiting Malaysians from June 1
2021/05/04 Disney+ Hotstar offered automatically for an extra RM5/month to Astro Movies Pack customers
2021/05/04 Finas chairman Zakaria tests positive for Covid-19
2021/05/04 South Korean actor Song Joong-ki apologises for placement of instant Chinese bibimbap in popular series 'Vincenzo'
2021/05/04 Disney+ Hotstar comes to Malaysia on June 1, RM54.90 for three months
2021/05/04 Marvel rallies superhero fans to assemble at movie theatres